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This is a transcript for dialogue with Bethy Mangano.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 005993D3 00599812 Impressive. Normally I'd be worried about your survivability in this irradiated and toxic terrain, but I see you're well prepared so I won't bother. Cheerful and mildly impressed with the player because they are actually wearing protective gear in a dangerous environment.
2 Also, hello. Exploring? Observing the social niceties but really not all that interested in the response. Trying not to be rude.
3 00599813 Careful! The crust here is fragile and you really don't want to risk an acidic bath. A warning, but delivered in a dry matter-of-fact tone. Not alarmist at all.
4 Especially without wearing good protective gear. Or, being immune. That works well too. Concerned about the player and their exposure to the environment. Offhandly and somewhat dryly mentioning her ghoul state.
5 I guess you must have a really good reason to risk your health like this?
6 00599815 Oh, there you are! Are you back to learn more about the exciting career of an edaphologist?
7 00599818 Good to see you again. I hope you've managed to avoid unnecessary brain damage while wandering? Earnest, doesn't intend to offend and is genuinely pleased to see the player again and hopes to talk about science.
8 005993F7 0059980C Well now that the social niceties have occurred, I should get back to work. Unless you have questions for me?
9 005993F8 0059980F The simple answer is that I specialize in the study of soil with an emphasis on how to encourage plant growth. Cheerful, but a bit disappointed with the question. Soil is important and this person doesn't get that.
10 Most laymen underestimate the crucial role of good soil. If plants don't grow, you don't eat. Lecturing. Still sounding cheerful but emphasizing the word "laymen". Not being insulting but being clear that maybe they're not too bright.
11 Xenophanes put it well "For all things come from earth, and all things end by becoming earth." Here, read this and you might learn something. Emphatic and a bit challenging. Maybe a little insulting at the end.
12 005993F9 00599808 Well, aren't you a charmer? My mama always said I should thank those that compliment me. So, thank you. But, I know I'm not much to look at now. Preface line with a giggle/snort. She's flattered but knows she's hideous looking now and a little sad about that.
13 Your words are a kindness. I try not to be sensitive to my ... situation but ... well, it's hard on the self esteem. It's better than being dead. A bit subdued but she means what she says, gets a bit sad in the middle, then resolute and determined to make the best of things.
14 Plus, there are some advantages. I can go into really toxic places without fear of radiation. So, that's nice. Bucking up, trying to be cheerful and assertive that it's not all bad.
15 005993FA 00599810 Oh, sure. Lay them on me, I'll do my best. A little disappointed not to be talking about the soil, but willing.
16 005993FB 0059980A I couldn't agree more. The structure and complexity is a source of never-ending wonder for those with the capacity to see it.
17 "Wake and listen! Verily, the earth shall yet be a source of recovery. Remain faithful to the earth, with the power of your virtue." Nietzsche saw it. Reverant. This quote is really meaningful to her. It inspires her work.
18 And you see it too, I can tell. Satisfied and grateful to have found someone that understands her passion.
19 005993FE 00599806 Both! But right now, my focus has to be edaphology. We need to be able to reclaim these lands and grow crops even in the most toxic of environments. Surprised and very happy that the player knows these terms. Warming up to an enthusiastic conversation about dirt.
20 005993FF 0059980D Ciao! I'll get back to it.
21 00599400 0059980E Yes! Indeed he's been credited as such. His work on geographical variation and his soil classification system brought much needed order to the field.
22 00599401 00599807 You noticed! Just what a lady likes to hear. "Hi, I can't help but notice you're a monster". Fair enough.
23 I was exposed to rather more radiation than a person should be without being directly impacted by sharp or blunt objects.
24 So, I survived, but was fundamentally transformed. Happily, I kept my wits about me, unlike the poor, ravenous souls that lurk nearby. Trying to be cheerful initially but very sad near the end of the line.
25 00599403 00599811 That's certainly true. I've never been here before! Making a bit of a joke and laughing a little awkwardly.
26 I'm Dr. Mangano. 'Bethy' though, by preference.
27 00599405 00599809 Of course I care. Everyone should care. It's in our best interests as a species to preserve a viable gene pool. Passionate, she really means it. This is IMPORTANT!
28 You probably know that without sufficient diversity, the entire population dies out. I'd prefer that we avoid that. Still very passionate but a bit professorial here too. Appealing to common sense.
29 You're probably a good person too. So there's that. Realizing she's strayed a bit far from a basic greeting and is maybe being too clinical. Doesn't want to offend and makes a half-hearted gesture.
30 0059940C 0059980B Of course not. What was I thinking? Upset and a bit defiant in the face of such disinterest.
31 0059940F 00599805 That's fair. Someone has to do the dirty work and keep the monsters at bay.
32 Speaking of which, there are lots of scary things around here. Plenty of heroic opportunities to prevent your favorite scientist from being murdered.
33 0059A012 0059A015 Yes. Even in my darkest moments, when the despair that the War has wrought creeps into my mind and tries to overwhelm me, I remember those words. Revealing something deeply personal and sad.
34 I can make a difference. My life's path has brought me to this one moment in time where my knowledge and expertise can save real people. Thoughtful and inspired. Maybe even a bit thankful.
35 I mean, real people. Not the abstracted people in a data cohort. Real, struggling people. emphatic and getting emotional, then embarrassed about that.
36 I do go on, don't I? Here, have this specimen. It looks like it could contain some rare minerals that might be helpful. Clears throat maybe ... before the line. Embarrassed, wants to get away from the emotions. All business at the end.
37 0059A013 0059A014 If I didn't know better, I'd think you were kissing up to the professor. My grad students used to try that. Nostalgic moment, a fond memory of happier days.
38 Suddenly my speciality is critical to the continuation of the species. I hate to be thankful for the apocolypse but it's nice to be relevant. A bit wry and a bit guilty sounding.
39 Anyway, here's a specimen that might interest you. If you break it apart I think you'll find some useful minerals inside.
40 0059B122 0059B123 Natural degradation is to be expected. Realistically, you are losing brain cells constantly because time is not your friend. Clinical. Just telling it like it is.
41 I'm glad you're well. I enjoy speaking with other educated people. There are far too many wanderers that are all about bashing things. She's cheerful and complimentary, but in a very matter of fact manner
42 0059B33A 0059B33B No, not much. I know it's called Clarksburg because I saw signs. Other than that, I've stayed clear of it. It's crawling with angry mutated humans. Relatively disinterested in this topic, but serious about the warning about the mutants.
43 There's a shooting range nearby with a very enthusiastic attendant. And I've heard some bugle calls from further that direction as well. Vaguely amused when speaking about the range, then a bit puzzled by the bugle calls.
44 It may be recorded though, it seems pretty regular. Still it might be a sign of civilization. I haven't checked into it. Losing interest again.
45 0059B4C8 0059B4C9 Greetings and salutations! Not really excited about visitors but trying to be polite and vaguely jovial.
46 0059B4CA Welcome friend, to my lonely patch of irradiated soil. Forced cheerfulness. Not terribly interested in meeting other people. She's busy.
47 0059B4CB HELLO THERE! I hope you can hear me through that helmet. Speaking loudly initially to a player in a power armor helmet. The second part is a bit under her breath and almost to herself.
48 0059B4CE Nice to see you again. Polite for the sake of being polite.
49 0059B4CF You're back for more sparkling conversation, I guess. Self deprecating tone.
50 0059B4D0 Welcome back. I'm guessing you have more questions.
51 0059B4D1 Is that a dead animal on your head? Uh, I mean, hello again. Surprised and a little intrigued. Then remembering her manners.
52 0059B4D2 Well, that's novel. What are you supposed to be? Er ... hello! Amused because the player is wearing a costume item. Then remembering she's being polite.