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Exhalation of air through nostrils.

Bessie is a sentry bot belonging to Duchess in Appalachia.


Following its retirement by the military, Bessie was acquired by Duchess as a bargain due to its integrated weapons being removed, with a pair of Protectron hands where its multi-barreled machine guns normally are. She used it as a 'pack ox-forklift hybrid' to haul the materials and supplies she would use to set up the Wayward.[1] Later, Sol gave it a cow-like paint job and voice.[2]

Currently, Bessie resides in the brahmin pen next to the Wayward. With its synthesized voice, it makes cow-like sounds and occasionally describes cow-like sound effects. From time to time Jide will check if Bessie's combat systems are still offline.[3]

Interactions with the player character

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Notable quotes


Bessie appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.



  1. Duchess: "Great, isn't she? I got her for a steal because the military took all her guns when they retired her. She's the pack ox-forklift hybrid I never knew I wanted."
    (Duchess' dialogue)
  2. Duchess: "Was Sol's idea to paint her, "upgrade" her voice module to something more fitting her role."
    (Duchess' dialogue)
  3. Jide: "Bessie. Threat assessment. Bessie... initiate combat protocols."
    Bessie: "Moo."
    Jide: "Good, good... god help us if those ever start working again."
    (Jide's dialogue)