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Today we embark on a new frontier. Once the switch on the reactor is thrown, and the Beryllium Agitator cold-starts the fusion reaction, the reality of Cleanpower nuclear energy will be upon us all.Noel Chandrich

The beryllium agitator is a quest item in Fallout 4.


The beryllium agitator is a pre-War project that was being developed at the Mass Fusion facility in Boston. Although the Mass Fusion CEO Karl Oslow, claimed that it was being developed for the "benefit of mankind," Oslow actually intended to have the agitator sent to Washington for military testing.

When Doctor Noel Chandrich, the lead research scientist of the project, discovered this, he confronted Oslow about it, although Oslow stated that the agitator would be handed over to the military no matter what, which led to Chandrich being fired from the company.[1][2]

Ultimately, the Great War occurred on October 23, 2077, and Boston was hit by a nuclear device. The agitator was left unscathed in the Mass Fusion building's main reactor. It was left untouched for over 200 years until, in 2287, proof of its existence was discovered by the Institute and the Brotherhood of Steel.


The beryllium agitator is able to generate a considerable amount of energy. For that reason, the Institute planned to acquire it in order to power up the Institute's main generator, whereas the Brotherhood of Steel needed it in order to power up Liberty Prime and get it ready to fight the Institute.


The beryllium agitator can be found in the Mass Fusion building during the quests Mass Fusion and Spoils of War.

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