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Bert Riggs is a robobrain in Vault 118 in 2287.



Bert Riggs was a lead developer of the robobrain for General Atomics International and at some point before the Great War he married Julianna Riggs, a wealthy financial advisor.

They were a wealthy family and one of the best connected in Boston. Sometime before 2077, Julianna met Ezra Parker, a business tycoon who wanted to build a vault inside his hotel. Julianna became involved and after the vault was built, she and Bert moved all of their belongings from their mansion into Vault 118.

Vault 118Edit

Bert and Julianna were already at the vault when the bombs hit, they were then joined by Ezra and other VIPs at the vault. Bert used the school room at the vault as his lab and perfected the robobrains in there. After some time and discussion with other dwellers, he decided that the best way to survive was to become robobrains themselves, everyone agreed and all the guests became robobrains.

Ezra's deathEdit

After Ezra's death, Bert noticed some changes in his wife. She was usually harsh but now she was kind and nice to him, she also started forgetting the names of their cats and said she was getting ill all the time, Bert told the Sole Survivor that this lady was not his wife, and after some investigation this was discovered to be true. Ezra had taken Julianna's identity after he killed her in a discussion over embezzlement.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

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Bert Riggs appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.

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