Berserk is one of the companion perks in Fallout 4.


To gain the perk, the Sole Survivor has to reach maximum affinity with Strong.


The player character deals +20% Melee Damage if the number of Hit Points is below 25% of the original value.


  • Despite the perk image depicting the use of a ranged weapon, only melee weapons are affected by this perk.
  • Due to Strong's large range of dislikes (such as Lockpicking, Hacking, entering power armor and common courtesy in conversations) it can sometimes be hard to gain this perk. One steady way to get the perk is to keep doing the repeatable Minutemen quests while avoiding locks, terminals and any other quests.
    • A minor work-around to Strong's long list of dislikes is to use him to accept the Minutemen quests, but then fast-travel to another companion, swap Strong out for them, and do the legwork for the quests before swapping back for Strong to turn in the quests.
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