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This is a transcript for dialogue with Bernie.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 CollectUniformHellos 00338571 Please present your uniform ticket to the approriate dispenser. Robot.
2 00338572 Final examination instructions will be issued with applicant equipment. Robot.
3 00338573 Loss of uniform ticket is grounds for immediate dismissal. Robot.
4 KnowledgeExamHellos 003AAB64 Final registration required. Proceed to Charleston Fire Department. Robotic.
5 003AAB65 Current Fire Breather graduation rate... 1.8%. Robotic.
6 003AAB66 Please present yourself to the captain on duty. Robotic.
7 003AAB67 All examinations... complete! Congratulations. Issuing orientation holotape. Please proceed to Charleston Fire Department for company registration. Robotic.
8 003AAB69 Please proceed to examination target. Robotic.
9 003AAB6A Use of deadly force is authorized against infected personnel. Robotic.
10 003AAB6B Bleeding on equipment is not encouraged. Robotic.
11 003AAB6C Fire Breather applicant detected. Kit ticket issued. Please collect your gear. Robotic.
12 003BA961 Please proceed to captain's office for final registration. Robotic.
13 003BA962 Congratulations, applicant. Robotic.
14 003BA963 Graduate detected. Registration is required. Please present yourself to station captain. Robotic.
15 003BA964 Successful graduate detected. Applicant survival rate ... updated. Robotic.
16 003BA965 Priority message detected. Available Fire Breathers should report to dispatch room. Robotic.
17 003BA966 Accessing Fire Breathers leadership database. Captain Larkin ... missing. Lieutenant Madigan ... missing. That is all. Robotic.
18 003BA967 Duty assignments require Fire Breather system registration. Robotic.
19 003BA968 You have completed ... one ... of ... three required examinations. Moderate congratulations have been issued. Yea. Robot. The "Yeah" should be very underwhelming.
20 003BA969 Study hard today. Fire Breather tomorrow. Robot.
21 003BA96A You have completed... zero... of ... three examinations. Robot.
22 MTR06_UniformAcquired 003AAB4D Examination briefing holotape issued. Robotic.
23 MTR06_DialogueProtectron 003AAB53 Fire Breather tip of the day: eliminate all infected personnel from a safe distance. Robotic.
24 003AAB54 Greetings, Fire Breather. Robotic.
25 003AAB55 Fire Breather tip of the day: perform seal checks on all equipment before use. Robotic.
26 003AAB56 Fire Breather tip of the day: holding your breath is not an advised survival tactic. Robotic.
27 003AAB58 Applicants must complete prior examinations before initiating practical. Please continue to designated test site. Robotic.
28 003AAB59 Equipment cannot be issued without prerequisite examination completion. Robotic.
29 003AAB5A Warning. Premature death may result in examination postponement. Robotic.
30 003AAB5B The following toxins have been detected: arsenic, cadmium, carbon monoxide, sulfur diox -- error. List exceeds available memory. Robotic. Cut yourself off during "sulfur dioxide".
31 003AAB5D Fire Breather applicants, please report to Charleston Fire Department. Robotic.
32 003AAB5E Access without prior authorization is not advised. Proceed to Charleston Fire Department for clearance. Robotic.
33 003AAB5F Testing local air sample. Oh. No. Robotic.
34 003AAB60 Analyzing user equipment. Probability of practical exam success... 98.7%. Robotic.
35 003AAB61 Analyzing user equipment. Probability of practical exam success... 68.2%. Robotic.
36 003AAB62 Analyzing user equipment. Probability of practical exam success... 3.8%. Robotic.