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Berkeley Springs Spa is a pre-War business that operated in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.


Operating since at least 2075, the spa was owned and operated by Edna. Looking to increase productivity, Edna sought to purchase a Mister Handy. The salesman assured her that it would do the work of two employees, which she was hopeful for, otherwise she would rather have spent the cash on a new sauna for the spa. The Mister Handy arrived on February 22, 2075. When she turned it on, it stated that its name was "Z43126." She decided to rename it "Beckham" after the dog she owned in her teenage years.[1]

Everything was going well until October 6, 2075, when Beckham accidentally used a loofah instead of the requested pumice-scrub for a client. The enraged client said that they were "unhappy with the level of service they were receiving," despite everything else with their spa visit going perfectly.[2] By November 18, 2075, the honey treatments became so increasingly popular that she added it to the menu. She tried ordering the stuff by the jar, but it was still too expensive. She tried sending Beckham to collect honey from a few nearby apiaries, looking for a reliable and cheap source. They were also too expensive for her. At the end of the day, she ended up sending Beckham out to look for natural hives in the area. This worked, as she got all the honey she needed, and as a bonus, Beckham was unable to be stung. This arrangement would work out perfectly.[3]

In the slower months of January and February, she would normally offer discounts for her services. This was not to be in 2076. With the costs of business going up, she decided by February 4 to no longer offer the seasonal promotion. This did not go over well with her clientele, specifically noting that she never heard so much complaining in her life. They claimed that she was trying to "take advantage" of them. She would continue to lament her clients' audacity and pettiness, saying that if she had known that her clients were that petty, she wouldn't have opened the business in the first place.[4]

On May 10, 2076, Beckham knocked over a tray of lotions, and in response, Edna called the company she had purchased him from. They gave her ideas on how to calibrate the Mister Handy's hover jet and, more importantly, how to modify its sensors. They also told her how to modify the Handy further, particularly its expressed opinions, and reactions. She decided to test this by making Beckham fearful of bees so that she could watch it squirm the next time it had to collect honey. She appreciated was entertained by this change, calling it an example of the little things in life.[5] The business was effectively closed as a result of the Great War, and its storefront would lie abandoned for the next two decades.

Some time in 2103, with the return of people to the region following the exodus caused by the Scorched Plague, a band of Blood Eagles constructed a fortified camp on several rooftops in town. The center of the camp was directly above the spa. Beckham, meanwhile, was still stuck in the fearful routine, though he could be helped by the Vault Dwellers of Vault 76.


Berkeley Springs Spa appears only in Fallout 76.