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Come to Berkeley Springs and take a fabulous tour of the historical Berkeley Castle. You won't regret it!— Berkeley Springs Eyebot

The Berkeley Springs Castle is an unmarked location within Berkeley Springs West.


A large structure overlooking the town from the north. It has a tower, stone battlements, and several floors.[1] It is boarded up and inaccessible on the main floor, but a scaffolding staircase along the back of the residence allows access to the second story. One room is open for exploration via this staircase, including minor loot and several musical instruments, including a mouth harp on a stool. The scaffolding continues to the roof, where a weapons workbench is located.

Related quests[]

  • Bucket List: The castle is one of the locations to photograph in order to complete the quest.[2]


The Berkeley Springs Castle appears in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes[]

The Berkeley Springs Castle is based on the real world Samuel Taylor Suit Cottage, colloquially known as the Berkeley Castle or Berkeley Springs Castle.



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    "This location is part of Berkeley Springs. The map can be found at that next location. Set on ground higher than the main part of Berkeley Springs (to the east), this area of town features several relatively intact buildings and a rooftop workshop (accessed via the bookstore interior) that allow you to plan some interesting defenses once you clear the nearby foes. Also note the large amount of water available (hence the name of the location) once the workshop is up and running, and a power box to instantly grant electricity if Thunder Mountain Power Plant is in operation. Also think about setting up cross-fire opportunities from the hotel across the street or flanking foes from the Berkeley Castle (with the stone battlements) to the north."
    (Fallout 76 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Atlas of Appalachia)
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