Berkeley Springs is a town in the Mire region of Appalachia in 2102.


Starting at the city limits sign on the south side of town, the Berkeley Springs station is directly east. Berkley's main road, S. Washington St., runs south to north, and the whole town is cut in half by a waterway. Heading north into Berkeley, a Red Rocket is on the right-hand side with a stash box inside. Further north is a clothes store parallel to three boarded up buildings across the road. Continuing to the intersection of S. Washington St. and Market St. is a pharmacy; accessible through a level 2 terminal or level 3 locked door is a backroom full of chems. After the intersection sit a couple of two story brick buildings, after them, a strip of inaccessible buildings ending with a church.

Following Market St., there are a series of five two-story houses. The third one can be entered and contains a bed, the fourth building is almost entirely destroyed.

Traveling west over the waterway, the player character arrives at a large, brick, three-story town hall fortified by some turrets. North of this is a park flanked to the west by two inaccessible houses. Continuing north through the park is a Beauty and Spa Salon with loot inside and roof access. Behind the saloon are two sets of three inaccessible house separated by a road.

To the west of the town hall on top of a hill sits the Berkeley Springs West public workshop, north of which is the Berkeley Springs castle that is visited during the Bucket List quest.

Notable lootEdit

  • Charleston Herald - Assassin strikes again
    • Upstairs in the building with the voting booths, behind a locked door.
    • Behind the counter in the Grey Tortoise shop.
  • Lucy Harwick's note - Upstairs in one of the houses near Chloe with a triangulation dish on its balcony.
  • Random magazine - On a desk on the same floor as Lucy Harwick's note.
  • Handmade rifle - On the roof of the Amelia Espresso building.
  • Tossed the stash - Holotape, in the Davis family apartment, on a kitchen counter.
  • Granny Davis' safe key - Behind the Delicatessen store is a trailer. Go up the nearby stairs to the roof, cross over to the other roof and enter a door to the washing machine.
  • C.H. Monthly, October - Note, on a dresser at the Berkeley Springs castle, accessed by the rear scaffolding ramp.


Berkeley Springs appears only in Fallout 76.


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