Berkeley Springs is a town in the Mire region of Appalachia in 2102.


There is a workshop at Berkeley Springs West that is unlockable by eliminating all surrounding enemies. It is in the southwest corner of the town atop the roof of a seemingly useless building.

At the south entrance to the town there is a Red Rocket station, with a stash box. There are also many deposits in the ground around town many around where the workshop is.

Notable lootEdit

  • Charleston Herald - Assassin strikes again
    • Upstairs in the building with the voting booths, behind a locked door.
    • Behind the counter in the Grey Tortoise shop.
  • Lucy Harwick's note - Upstairs in one of the houses near Chloe with a triangulation dish on its balcony.
  • Random magazine - On a desk on the same floor as Lucy Harwick's note.
  • Handmade rifle - On the roof of the Amelia Espresso building.
  • Tossed the stash - Holotape, in the Davis family apartment, on a kitchen counter.
  • Granny Davis' safe key - Behind the Delicatessen store is a trailer. Go up the nearby stairs to the roof, cross over to the other roof and enter a door to the washing machine.
  • C.H. Monthly, October - Note, on a dresser at the Berkeley Springs castle, accessed by the rear scaffolding ramp.


Berkeley Springs appears only in Fallout 76.


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