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Ben's diary entries are three paper notes in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update. They are written by Ben.



Ben's diary entry 1[]


Camp Diary
October 23, 2077

Dear Diary,
Today, I am going over to the Shenandoah National Park with my fellow Pioneer Scouts for a weekend camping trip. Normally, we only get to see Camp Liberty during the summer, so I'm excited to see what it looks like when the leaves are changing.

Mom says that this camp is for survival training. She says I can try archery, orienteering (whatever THAT is) and hunt real animals with a REAL gun!

Our Scout leader Mr. Mitchell is currently driving us to camp. He says that if we're lucky, we can meet the camp counselors when we arrive!

I am not sure how Mr. Mitchell will deal with all of us by himself. He has already shouted at Thomas twice for distracting him while he drives.
I will write more tonight, I can't wait to see what this trip has in store for us...

Ben's diary entry 2[]


Camp Diary
October 24, 2077

Dear Diary,
I made it to the camp last night, a bit shaken up but in one piece. I was greeted at the front by the camp counselors and some well-dressed men in suits. We explained the situation that transpired on the bus as well as the large explosion we saw. Two of the counselors were sent out to go help Mr. Mitchell who was still on the bus, while the others explained to us that they thought the explosion could have been a nuclear blast.

The well-dressed men left the camp shortly after we arrived due to losing contact with someone over the radio. The rest of us have been told to stay put and not leave the camp until help arrives. The counselors have been left in charge for the time being.

I am currently sharing a tent with some kids from the other scout group who have been here for a couple of days now. They are acting very strange and talking about weird topics I don't like. I assume it might just be nerves which is why they are acting odd. But some of the conversations they have freak me out.

The camp counselors are putting on a movie for us all to watch before bedtime, so I'm going to end the diary here tonight. I do hope my family are safe and I get to see them soon.

Ben's diary entry 3[]


Camp Diary
July 29, 2104

Dear Diary,
Today marked an unusually boring start to my day as I found myself assigned to the worst role possible: guard duty at the prison. While I sat there at my post, one of those capitalist insects walked over to the fence. A young girl with brown hair and a revolting knife scar tracing down her left eye (likely a captive from a Raider camp). She approached the fence and initiated a conversation with me. She bluntly inquired, "What led you to this path?" My immediate response was to command her to quit talking and return to her place, which she did with clear reluctance.

Her words stayed in my mind throughout the remainder of my shift. I couldn't help but think about the reasons behind my unwavering commitment to our cause. I've always believed, deep down, that our mission serves a greater purpose and paves the way for a brighter future. But I had never taken the time to truly question why I stood where I did. So, I thought writing down my reasoning here in my diary might be good for future reference.

Why wouldn't I desire a communist utopia? What has capitalism ever done for me, or the nation as a whole?

Capitalism stole my parents away from me. The government's greed and refusal to cooperate with China initiated the catastrophic war that ultimately claimed the lives of those dearest to me.

Capitalism replaced the hardworking people of this very state with cold, unfeeling robots. Generations of families who had slaved away in mines and various industries for years were callously discarded and replaced in an instant with cheap robotic help.

The privileged capitalist elite sought refuge in bunkers while the majority of hardworking citizens, who had empowered them, either perished or suffered through the nightmarish aftermath they left behind.

Should that boorish woman ever ask me again, I now have my answers. I am prepared to lay down my life for this cause, to fight for the creation of a new world from the ashes of the old one, a world designed for the many and not just the few. Our nation can be rebuilt and restored to its former greatness under this ideology.

I have never felt more certain about anything in my life than I do about this. Exhausted after my grueling 12-hour shift, I'm now leaving my diary here for the night. There's still the task of preparing food for tomorrow to attend to.

Behind the scenes[]

In early versions of the Skyline Valley Public Test Server, the third entry contained an additional paragraph that was later removed from the note: "A privatized healthcare system meant that hard-working men and women could not afford the basic human right of medical care. Their declining health situation was often the result of wretched working conditions driven by cost-cutting schemes aimed at putting more money in the pockets of the wealthy."