Paladin Taggerdy tried to end the Scorched threat. What happened? Time to find out.

Belly of the Beast is a main quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Detailed walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The quest begins right after Recruitment Blues is completed by reading the "[URGENT: Touchdown Recovery]" entry on Senior Knight Wilson's terminal in Fort Defiance. Monitoring the transponder signal strength via the Brotherhood emergency transponder radio station will allow the player character to locate five Brotherhood transponder beacons which are scattered around the Cranberry Bog. When a transponder is located, the player character must sync the transponder before they receive the approximate location of the next transponder. Replaying the last transmission alone will not update the quest marker.

Transponder 5 is located in the final section of the glassed cavern. The glassed cavern is a long, relatively linear dungeon which contains enemies such as Scorched, mirelurk kings and fog crawlers, maybe the occasional group of Protectrons. The transponder signal strength will fluctuate while the player character travels through the cavern making it a poor indicator of whether or not one is going in the right direction. The cavern is full of deceased mirelurk sub-species and cave crickets that have been infected with the Scorched Plague along with broken auto-miner Protectrons. Eventually the cavern reaches a point where it forks. Take the left fork and follow the rail tracks. At this point the transponder signal strength should stop fluctuating as much and begin climbing. However, after taking out a wave of Scorched, another will spawn after some time, and might even flank player characters from behind if they are not paying attention, forcing them to navigate the mine all the way from the start again depending on where the Scorched killed them. (Following the Wastelanders update, this is no longer the case. Once killed, the Scorched don't respawn a fresh batch to pursue the player characters and force them to start from the beginning again if killed at any point in the mine.)

The transponder is located on the northern side of a large cavern by Elizabeth Taggerdy's corpse. The cavern also contains a scorchbeast and many Scorched, with the scorchbeast serving as the boss of the area after spawning from the nearby fissure, and due to the conditions of where it is fighting player characters, it will never try to take flight and stick to attacking on the ground. However, it is not necessary to kill the scorchbeast to progress the quest. Sync the transponder and loot Taggerdy's corpse to retrieve her ID card. If needed, there is an elevator located in the final cavern which can be used to exit the location.

Return to Fort Defiance and travel to the top floor using the security elevator. Use the ID card to access Paladin Taggerdy's terminal on the top floor and read the entry '[Ultimate Solution]' to complete the quest and begin Uncle Sam.

Quest stages[edit | edit source]

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Find a way into Paladin Taggerdy's Quarters
? Use the Brotherhood Emergency Transponder radio to find Taggerdy (1/5)Paladin Taggerdy led an expedition to do something about the Scorchbeasts. There's a transponder frequency I can follow to find out what happened to her.
? Use the Brotherhood Emergency Transponder radio to find Taggerdy (2/5)
? Use the Brotherhood Emergency Transponder radio to find Taggerdy (3/5)
? Use the Brotherhood Emergency Transponder radio to find Taggerdy (4/5)
? Use the Brotherhood Emergency Transponder radio to find Taggerdy (5/5)
? Clear the rubble
? Search Taggerdy's remainsI heard Paladin Taggerdy's last words as she blew up the Scorchbeasts in the Glassed Caverns. I should find her body.
?Quest finishedLearn more about the Scorched at Taggerdy's quartersI have Paladin Taggerdy's ID card. If I go to her quarters at Fort Defiance, I may be able to find out more about the Scorchbeasts.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The game will not checkpoint beacon progress, so if not all transponder beacons are activated prior to logging out, the player character will have to rediscover all the transponder beacons again.
  • It is possible to start the quest at any beacon, not just the first.[verification overdue]

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