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This is a transcript for dialogue with Bellhop.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 Dialogue_MTNL01_ProtectronBellhop_ClaimNo 004E5FE1 No claim ticket detected.
5 Dialogue_MTNL01_ProtectronBellhop_ClaimYes 004E5FE0 Checking claim ticket.
2 004E5FF4 Here is your checked item. Thank you for staying with us.
3 004E5FF5 Claim invalid. Please provide a valid claim ticket.
4 Dialogue_MTNL01_ProtectronBellhop_Greeting_SharedInfo01 004E5FF3 Greetings. Do you have a claim ticket?
6 004E8F6E Hello. Do you need help with anything?
7 004E8F6F Welcome, esteemed guest.
8 004E8F70 Good day.
9 004E8F71 Do you need help with any luggage?
10 004E8F72 Nice day for skiing, isn't it?
11 004E8F73 I am happy to serve you.
12 004E8F74 Are you enjoying your stay?
13 004E8F75 Excited to hit the slopes?
14 004E8F76 Error. Failed to load small talk entry 02377496.
15 004E9273 What can I get for you?
16 004E9274 Please enjoy your visit.