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Belching Betty, otherwise known as Garrahan Mineshaft Beatrice or simply Mine Shaft Beatrice,[Non-canon 1] is a location in the Ash Heap region of Appalachia.


Belching Betty is an old Garrahan Mining Company mine shaft. It was sealed following an underground fire that could not be extinguished by conventional means. Following the Great War and the emergence of the Scorched, it was turned into a containment area and later the final test site for the Fire Breathers, where they proved whether they had the skills and tenacity needed of the Responders' most elite unit.


The mining shaft is relatively straightforward. The entrance to the mine leads into a staging area that has an office space, storage, and a washroom. There are several desks and cabinets in the office space and a couple open crates with a sack can be found spread about. The staging area also contains bobby pins on top of the office desk and a terminal that opens the security gate into the mine. A warning can be found on the terminal, stating that the mine is closed and contains hostiles. Face protection (gas mask, Fire Breather helmet, power armor helmet, etc.) is necessary for surviving in the toxic environment of the mine. The ground is also rife with burning fissures, so caution is advised.

The start of the mine tracks is found here, and they can be followed to the end of the mine. Every part of the mine after this section contains several enemies and toxic fumes. When following the tracks, the next section is the main general processing area. Workstation shacks on top of some locker rooms can be found here, as well as wrecked machines and tracks. This section is where the bodies of Fire Breathers trainees Timothy Wolfe, Sylvester Tate, and Andrew Rhodes rest.

The tracks then split into two paths, either one will eventually lead to the final section of the mine. Following the tracks to the left will lead to large passageways with mining equipment and conveyor belts. Following the tracks to the right will lead to another, smaller processing area, likely used to load cargo onto the carts. Near the northeast side of this room is a fenced area, along with a staircase. This staircase can lead up to a small storage area or down to the large mining area with the emergency beacon, which is heavily guarded by Scorched. When descending the staircase to the mining area, it leads into a fenced-in storage platform, with a staircase to the main area at the end of the fenced-in portion.

This mining area consists of one sizable workstation shack, an industrial supply elevator, massive old generators, and a fenced fusion generator room. The beacon is in the center of the room on a raised platform between the two old generators. The bodies of Rita Wilcox and Maxine Ballard can be found near the button for the emergency signal.

The following crafting stations can be found at this location:

  • Armor workbench - At the first workstation shack, in the main processing area, on the second floor.
  • Chemistry station - Inside of the small storage area, at the very top of the non-working supply elevator. Near the smaller processing section of the mine.
  • Tinker's workbench - In the fusion generator room, near the mining area, which holds the emergency beacon.
  • Weapons workbench - Above the main mining area, on the fenced-in storage platform.

Notable loot

  • Scorchslayer's journal - Part 1 - Holotape, on Andrew Rhodes' corpse, outside the locker room below the white clock.
  • Scorchslayer's journal - Part 2 - Holotape, on Sylvester Tate's corpse, between two red pillars, just before the tunnel splits.
  • Scorchslayer's journal - Part 3 - Holotape, on Rita Wilcox's corpse, below the emergency beacon button.
  • Fire Breathers final exam briefing - Holotape, given to the player character by Bernie during Into the Fire.
  • Welcome to the Fire Breathers - Holotape, received at the end of Into the Fire's final exam.
  • Anti-Scorched training pistol, Fire Breather uniform and helmet - Received at the start of Into the Fire's final exam.
  • Four potential Vault-Tec bobbleheads:
    • Inside the white-and-orange trailer across the tracks of the tall stairs, on top of the toolbox (one of two).
    • In the main cavern generator room, by the body of Fire Breather Rita Wilcox, on a metal table by a mainframe computer.
    • On top of one of the shelves in the fenced-in storage room of the giant cavern.
    • In the longest conveyor belt room, near the main mining area, at the end of a section of rail.
  • Five potential magazines:
    • In the area containing the first enemies. Take the first stairs on the left side that lead to the upper floor of the shack. Take a right, past the petrified corpse reaching for the toolbox. The magazine can be found on top of the turquoise computer, right above the red numbers that read "-07958:16."
    • In the northwest corner of the second metal workstation shack above the interior mine tracks, near the mainframe computer with the orange tool case on it.
    • In the main cavern, in the blue metal maintenance hut with the trunk and the Garrahan Mining logo on it, near the wastebasket and two filing cabinets.
    • In the room with the fusion core generator, in the mesh walled area, behind the giant boiler machine. Near the west end of the main generator cabin.
    • Exterior, near the mine entrance, inside the small concrete bunker with the Fire Marshal.
  • Power armor chassis with T-series armor pieces - Can spawn in the small concrete bunker with Bernie, just outside the entrance to the mine.
  • Two fusion cores:
    • In a fusion generator located just before reaching the emergency beacon button, opposite a tinker's workbench.
    • Inside the workstation shack in the same room as the emergency beacon button, on top of a filing cabinet facing the west wall, next to a small lamp.
  • Submachine gun - Near the body of Timothy Wolfe, just past the entrance of the main processing section, on the right, below some machinery.
  • Potential armor plan - On the second floor of the first workstation shack, on a table.
  • Potential weapon mod - In the same room as the emergency button, inside the fenced-in storage room, on a metal shelf, near a weapons workbench.


Belching Betty appears only in Fallout 76.




  1. Fallout 76 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide p.372: "06. BELCHING BETTY
    Check the maintenance hut on the surface first: Be sure you’re properly protected with a fireproof kit (or Power Armor) before entering “Mine Shaft Beatrice,” the official name of this fiery and hellish molten mine interior. Despite the extreme heat, there are some choice items to gather, as well as some rare Black Titanium to mine."
    (Fallout 76 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Atlas of Appalachia)