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Beer is a consumable item in Fallout: New Vegas.


Beer is an addictive alcoholic drink found in Fallout: New Vegas, which increases player character's Strength and Charisma by one while decreasing their Intelligence by one point.

Survival skill effect

SkillEffectHardcore effect
10+1 Strength for 4m, +1 Charisma for 4m, -1 Intelligence for 4m+24 Dehydration 
20+1 Strength for 4m, +1 Charisma for 4m, -1 Intelligence for 4m+28 Dehydration 
30+1 Strength for 4m, +1 Charisma for 4m, -1 Intelligence for 4m+32 Dehydration 
40+1 Strength for 4m, +1 Charisma for 4m, -1 Intelligence for 4m+36 Dehydration 
50+2 Strength for 4m, +2 Charisma for 4m, -2 Intelligence for 4m+40 Dehydration 
60+2 Strength for 4m, +2 Charisma for 4m, -2 Intelligence for 4m+44 Dehydration 
70+2 Strength for 4m, +2 Charisma for 4m, -2 Intelligence for 4m+48 Dehydration 
80+2 Strength for 4m, +2 Charisma for 4m, -2 Intelligence for 4m+52 Dehydration 
90+2 Strength for 4m, +2 Charisma for 4m, -2 Intelligence for 4m+56 Dehydration 
100+3 Strength for 4m, +3 Charisma for 4m, -3 Intelligence for 4m+60 Dehydration 


Beer is the most common form of alcohol in the wasteland and as such can be found in a large number of locations.


  • Beer is an ingredient in mole rat stew and Cook-Cook's Fiend stew, made at campfires.
  • Though a drink just like whiskey or scotch, beer doesn't make the same sound as when one picks up another drink item; instead it makes a miscellaneous sound such as when scrap metal is picked up.
  • While the Pip-Boy icon for beer shows the bottle having a label, the world model does not.
  • Beer has the lowest addiction percentage of alcoholic drinks despite having the same effects as whiskey, scotch and vodka.