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Bee's diary pages are six paper notes in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update.


  • Page 1 can be found inside of a first aid container on a wall in the bathrooms outside of the Shenandoah Visitor Center.
  • Page 2 can be found at an unmarked lookout point east of High Knob Lookout. It is in a hollow tree stump directly across from the where the Steel Jack statue under the roof is pointing.
  • Page 3 can be found north of the unmarked ice cream stand near Naked Creek. There is an entrance to a hiking trail near the truck and trailer; follow it to the north, continuing left (further north) at the first fork, then to the right (east) at the second one. The trail leads to the top of a hill with another Steel Jack statue pointing directly at a tree stump to the south, near a dead park ranger. The note is in the hollow tree stump.
  • Page 4 can be found northeast of the Slumber Mill Motel, by following a hiking trail to the north. Go past a row of four portalets, up the hill, before reaching a picnic area with yet another Steel Jack statue. The statue points to the west and is now directing towards a hollowed-out rock, rather than a stump. The note is in the hollowed-out rock.
  • Page 5 can be found northwest of the abandoned convoy, inside of a duffle bag in the branches of a tree that can be walked up to. It is directly across and to the west of a wooden bridge near a sunken dock where a Steel Jack statue fell into the water; the statue points toward the tree.
  • Page 6 can be found by following the nature trail east of the Slumber Mill Motel, directly off to the side of the motel. Past a random encounter point, it continues to the northeast, before deviating to another trail to the southeast. At the fork, it is actually shorter to not follow the "easy" sign, and instead head to the right (south). Follow the directions from page 5 and look at the overlook for a tree stump with a multi-purpose axe. Bee's final note is also found next to a skeleton under a log directly across from the stump.


Diary page 1[]


October 18th 2077
First day on the job and I'm left with the last guy's mess. The park is in such disrepair, I've really got my work cutout for me. It's gonna take me the whole year... NO... maybe longer to get everything up to standard, and don't get me started with the Steel Jack statues, they're first on my list of work. I wonder what they're always pointing at?

Whilst leaving my room this morning I noticed an interesting trail off to the side of the Slumber Mill to explore. I think I might have to sneak off tomorrow and see where it leads.

Diary page 2[]


October 19th 2077
During my little "break" today, I had a venture down the trail. I didn't have a lot of time before they noticed I had snuck off, really got an earful about that.
I came across a really cute tree stump with shrooms growing all over it. I had a little rest there before I got radioed back. I'll try and cover more ground tomorrow.

Diary page 3[]


October 20th 2077
God damn I really got chewed out for disappearing yesterday, everyone's so stressed over the delivery of the new Steel Jack statue. I've told them a thousand times, the boardwalk is too heavy to hold a 3000 pound statue, especially in a swamp of all places.

I went back to my favorite trail to hide away from all the stress. I ventured a little further today. I followed the old wooden fencing until it reached a small rocky pass with a beautiful tree splitting the road. It was a peaceful place to have lunch. I'll try and go there again tomorrow.

Diary page 4[]


October 21st 2077
Chief Pilker has his stooges Hailey and Matthews keeping tabs on me. He said I should be spending all my time doing my job and that the park is too dangerous to be just disappearing without letting anyone know.

So I managed to lose the dopes. I continued along the path until I found a trail leading off to the right. I found an absolute gem, a rocky overview, I can even see the camp from here. With a little bit of fixing up I can spend all my lunches resting here.

Diary page 5[]


October 22nd 2077
The Steel Jack statue was installed today, what a disaster. How many times do I have to say a poorly built wooden walkway can only carry so much and then plop, straight into the swamp water.

I finished work early today, borrowed one of the ranger's utility cars to transport some bits to fix up the trail leading to the overview to make it more comfortable. I've hidden a small trinket cache in a stump next to the resting area, and marked it with an axe. I plan on hiding my past few diary entries around the park, maybe it will inspire more adventurers to explore this place.

Diary page 6[]


You've found captain Bee's treasure and this wonderful overlook. Claim your prize and always keep adventuring!