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Bedford Station recording is a holotape in Fallout 4. It is a recording of a conversation between Dutchman and A9-51, an escaped synth.


It can be found in the stationmaster's terminal within the elevated building at Bedford Station.


A9-51: It's half-past. She's late.
Dutchman: No. Something's wrong.
A9-51: Someone's coming. Look. Five of them.
Dutchman: It's a trap. Dammit, they've got us surrounded.
A9-51: What do we do?
Dutchman: I'll draw them off. Give me a count of ten, then break for the treeline.
A9-51: What? Dutchman, I-
Dutchman: There's no time. Good luck, A9.
A9-51: 10... 9... 8... 7...
<long burst of automatic gunfire>
A9-51: No!
A9-51: No! No, I'm not going back! I can't! I won't!