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Bedford Station is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Bedford Station is a pre-War train switching station that once serviced the nearby quarry at Thicket Excavations but has since been infested with feral ghouls. Many inoperable train cars are still present around the site.[1]

The station was a location for a synth rescue that went wrong. Dutchman, an agent of the Railroad, created a diversion for an escaping synth when ambushed by several unknown assailants.


A ruined southbound train stretches out on the north to south running tracks. At the northern end of the train, several ghouls mill about a station. The highest level ghouls generally sit on the platform itself, conveniently near an explosive container. Further south sits a control tower, where Dutchman's body rests near the tracks. There are no signs of the assailants or the synth. The body of Helena, the runner mentioned in the terminal holotape who was supposed to meet with Dutchman, is found leaning against the water tower.

Notable loot

Related quests

  • Quartermastery: Scribe Haylen has identified the location of a piece of technology she wishes to retrieve and catalog. She asks the Sole Survivor for help in bringing back the technology in one piece.
  • Randolph Safehouse: The Railroad agent Mister Tims will leave dead drops in the form of six holotapes for the Sole Survivor, containing information about possible hazards to the Railroad's escort and escape of synths out of the Commonwealth. They can assist in these efforts by clearing out the location of hostiles.
  • Cleansing the Commonwealth: Knight Rhys gives the Sole Survivor an assignment to clear the location of what he calls "abominations" to further the aims of the Brotherhood of Steel.
  • Ghoul Problem: The player character is tasked with eliminating some feral ghouls to keep nearby settlers safe.
  • Leading by Example: Lancer Captain Kells requests the Sole Survivor's help in training a Brotherhood squire by allowing him to accompany them on a mission.
  • Ghoul Problem: Settlers have asked the player character for help in taking care of some feral ghouls that have been terrorizing a nearby location.
  • Pest Control: Dr. Binet of the Institute's Robotics division asks the Sole Survivor to eliminate some feral ghouls that are causing problems for a synth scavenger team.


Bedford Station appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

Bedford Station is located in the approximate location of the real world town of Bedford, in which the Bedford Depot serviced the Boston and Maine Railroad until 1977.



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    This was a train switching station serving Thicket Excavations. Recently, this location appears to have been used by the Railroad as a stopover. Look for the bodies of Helena and Dutchman, though the synth they were protecting is nowhere to be found. Locate a large trunk with items in the freight warehouse (north) and a Railroad dead drop in the blue carriage."
    (Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map)