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Becky's is a combination bar and casino located inside the Den. The owner of the building is Becky.


Becky's is comprised of three ground-level rooms and a basement area. The main room contains two gaming tables on the northern side, chairs, and tables on the southern side and the bar itself on the eastern side. The southern room is a food preparation area, while the northern room contains a staircase leading down to the basement. In the basement, which is comprised of two rooms, there are Becky's still, bedroom, and some random junk.

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  • Becky's has two of what seem to be neon signs, one outside and the other between the gaming tables.
  • The gaming tables do not take the Gambling skill into account.
  • If Becky has been killed, the next time the Den West Side is entered, an out of business sign will be present.


Becky's appears only in Fallout 2.