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The Beckley Coal Mine Exhibit, or just Beckley mine exhibit, is a location in the town of Beckley in the Ash Heap region of Appalachia. It is a public workshop with claim, defend, and retake events.


The Beckley mine exhibit is a model mine preserved at the edge of Beckley, including a replica of the Miners Monument.


The Beckley mine exhibit is a raised park area surrounded by a chain-link fence. The workshop area is roughly square, bordered by the road in the east and the edge of the mountain to the west. Three oil, a gold, and a crystal resource deposit are present and can be mined with a mineral extractor. Six food and eight water resources are also available. There are multiple park pavilions and a small, wooden playground can be found to the northeast with a chance of a caps stash in the middle of it. At the center of the park is a large copper statue surrounded by benches. To the west is a blocked-off abandoned mine entrance. A large wooden structure is on the hill above the entrance, but cannot be climbed.

To the southeast, a small, gutted museum that serves as an information center and gift shop for the exhibit can be found, though only the first floor can be accessed. A locked safe (Picklock 2) is on the wall behind the counter in the building. There is a supply closet with a few junk items behind a locked wooden door (Picklock 0).

Notable loot


The Beckley mine exhibit appears in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

The Beckley mine exhibit is based on the real-world Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine, formerly known as Phillips-Sprague Mine. Lead artist Nathan Purkeypile went on the mine's tour while scouting out West Virginia for the game, and took "hundreds of pictures." The sign at the in-game location is also based on a real-world sign for the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine.[1]



  1. Nate Purkeypile on Twitter: "Another fun one. We went on this on the research trip for 76. It was amazing. I took hundreds of pictures."