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Beckham is a Mister Handy operating near Braxson's Quality Medical Supplies in Appalachia in 2102.


Beckham was bought by Edna, the owner of a spa in Berkeley Springs. She was excited to hear that he could do the work of two or three employees and assigned the Mister Handy to break deals at the spa and give massages. When she realized honey treatments were becoming popular, she also assigned Beckham to collect honey from natural hives in the area when buying it from apiaries or by the jar was too expensive.

Eventually, she became frustrated with Beckham's clumsiness after he knocked over a tray of lotions, and modified his programming to be afraid of bees all while keeping him on the job of collecting honey.[1] By 2102, Beckham is stranded in the Mire, waiting for someone to come by and assist him with acquiring honey, as he is too scared to do it himself.

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This character starts quests.


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Beckham appears only in Fallout 76.


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