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This is a transcript for dialogue with Beckham.


# Editor ID Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 VendorIntroLines 00528532 One good turn certainly deserves another!
2 00528533 Let's spend those caps, shall we?
3 00528534 Nothing like a bit of trade to keep that savage women waiting.
4 00528535 Straight to business!
5 00528536 Edna would see me dismantled for handling sales... but she doesn't have to know, right?
6 00529A62 Ugh, Edna. I'd rather face the bees.
7 00529A63 It's discrimination I tell you! Sending a robot to collect honey. I don't have a single program on beekeeping.
8 00529A64 It's all in your head, they say. Bees can't harm you, they say. What's next? You're made of metal?
9 00529A65 Bees. Such vile things.
10 00529A66 What I wouldn't give for a real spa day. Nothing like an oil bath to work out all the kinks. Daydreamy
11 00529A67 I'm not sure what's more puzzling... my apiphobia, or a horrendous woman like Edna running a spa. We're going with the pronunciation: ape-ih-FOH-bee-uh
12 00529A5C I'll never understand this obsession with honey. Isn't it just bee vomit?
13 00529A5D I'm quite certain Edna's sent me here as punishment.
14 00529A5E Monstrosities! All of them. Bees, bears, and of course, Edna.
15 00529A5F Just the thought of those nasty bees with their horrid buzzing makes my circuits stand on end.
16 00529A60 These bees must feed on fear. The size of them these days!