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This is a transcript for dialogue with Beckett (Wastelanders).

COMP Quest Intro Full Beckett

# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 005821C9 0058220B Okay... wish me luck. He sounds almost giddy
2 005821CA 00582238 In my bag, I've got a sketch of something that should do the trick. You'll know it when you see it. Suggestion, but more of a strong request
3 I overheard they took my stuff to the Sludge Works. It's not too far from here, I think.
4 005821CB 00582206 Fair enough. Look, they cleaned me out when they grabbed me, but... I have some spare caps in my shoe. Here, take it.
5 005821CD 00582220 You probably shouldn't. I've done some bad things, and I've hurt people. Trying to be honest
6 All I'm asking for is a fresh start. sincere
7 005821CF 00582202 Nope. After they grabbed me, the gang burned my digs to the ground. I got nothing. irritated
8 005821D5 00582205 Sounds like a plan, but I need you to build something that I can recognize from a distance. If I see it at your place, I'll know I'm welcome. Agreeable
9 005821D7 0058221F I'll run interference while you get the heck out of here. Distract those morons, you know the drill.
10 Where should we meet up after all this? Do you have some sort of place where you're squatting?
11 005821D8 00582201 I'll make a lot of noise and try to draw them off while you do your thing.
12 005821DA 00582216 It's my bag full of radio signals, contacts, maps, general notes that I took so I could destroy these shits once and for all. It's important to him
13 Also has some of my personal belongings in it. A sketch I made for a bar I wanted to open someday... when things settle down. Goals, you know? For a moment, he thinks things might be okay
14 005821DC 005821FF Good. a bit relieved
15 005821DE 00582210 Listen. I need to ask you for one other thing before we get out of this place. Wincing at the end, he knows it's a big ask
16 The gang took a bunch of my stuff. Things that I need in order to track down their leaders.
17 Can you help me get them back? Hurried, he thinks this should work though
20 005821E0 005822A4 The key should be around here somewhere... probably in the room where the guy running this place sleeps. Hurried whispering from a jail cell
21 Be careful, please! Hurried whispering from a jail cell
22 005821E1 0058220C Fine, fine. I guess. Please come back though, okay? Scared, whispering loudly, he's in jail
23 005821E3 00582239 Oh, for the love of... Irritated, quietly, he's in jail
24 005821E5 00582207 The warm fuzzy feeling that you saved the life of a reformed man? No? How about information. I know things that are valuable. Whispering, in jail, panicked
25 005821EB 00582217 Look. I need to get out of here. These Blood Eagles are going to kill me, but only after they mess me up. You get me? It's not going to be pleasant. Desperate, scared
26 005821EC 005822A6 Thought I heard something. Ugh. This place. Quietly muttering to himself. Startled by the player.
27 005822A7 Can you help me or what? Quietly muttering to himself. Startled by the player.
28 005822A8 Hey, can you just... help me out here? Quietly muttering to himself. Startled by the player.
29 005821ED 005824B1 Can't believe this. He can't believe he was caught.
30 005824B2 Gonna have to jump a guard or something... damn it. Muttering to himself.
31 005824B3 You really screwed up this time, Beckett. Muttering to himself.
32 005824B4 Maybe I can... convince them... ugh. No. Muttering to himself.
33 005824B5 I need these sad shits out of my life. Muttering to himself.
34 005824B7 I can't keep doing this shit.
35 005821EE 0058223B Hey! Hey you. You need to let me out of here. Trapped in a jail cell
36 0058223C Hey, I need your help. Please? I know you're not with the others. Trapped in a jail cell
37 0058223E Thanks. We're not in the clear yet, are we? Nervous, worried, but sees a glimmer of hope
38 0059F5D1 0059F5F4 You kidding me? I'm so fired up, I'm ready to KILL. Just get this cell unlocked. quietly, he's in jail
39 0059F5D3 0059F5E0 You think? Look, you get me out of here first and then we'll trade campfire stories. Now's not the time. quietly, he's in jail
40 0059F5D5 0059F5EF Now you're talking.
41 0059F5D7 0059F5E3 You serious? I'm talking about torture. Removing things that are supposed to be attached. Pain. Am I getting through? Irritated, quietly, he's in jail
42 0059F5D9 0059F5F3 Quick version, okay? I used to be a part of this gang. I left. They nabbed me, and now they want to make a lesson out of me. How's that? annoyed, quietly, he's in jail
43 005A1872 005A188D It's mine, okay? I've already spent too much time gathering information on these idiots... I can't afford to start over. eyeroll
44 Believe me, if I wanted you to steal something for me, I'd be straight with you about it.
45 005A1873 005A1883 Sigh. Yes and no. As far as the Blood Eagles are concerned "yes." As far as you and I are concerned "no." you don't have time for this
46 How about we do story time later? Just get me out of here!

COMP Quest Outro Full Beckett

# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 005A05DF 005A062E Anyway, here's the plan. Ronny's going to head to the main garage entrance and get her gang revved up. laying out the plan - this is important
2 In the meantime, we're going to cut our way through the Eagles and head to the garage control room to get the door open from the inside. Clear enough? laying out the plan - this is important
3 005A05E2 005A0628 Yup.
5 005A05E4 005A0DD9 There's a garage entrance on the other side of the complex that can only be opened from the inside. That's where we let Ronny and her gang roll in.
6 We need to get to the control room and hit the switch that will open the bay door. Simple enough, if we get there in one piece.
7 005A05E6 005A0DBA Yeah, and get this... they even got some of the Watoga Underground's robots up and running to throw in our path.
8 I guess we've worn them down so much, they're getting desperate. Not that they were level-headed to start with...
11 005A05E8 005A0629 One more thing. The Claw is the only one who knows where they're keeping Frankie. So don't go all gun-happy on me until I give the go ahead. spell this out - this is the MOST important thing
16 005A05F1 005A062D Did you need something before we head out?
17 005A0DDA You're here! Now it's a party. in a joking way, like "heck yeah"
18 005A0DDB I don't know what to do. I never expected anything like this... please, I need your help. you're so lost, you're depending on the player to help you
19 005A0DDC Well, I guess we're done here. you just shot your brother
20 005A0DDD I can't believe I was able to talk him through that. you're emotionally spent
21 005A0F56 Let's keep moving. mid-mission, you're going through enemy base
22 005A0F57 We still have more ground to cover. Let's go. mid-mission, you're going through enemy base
23 005A0F58 Frankie's down here somewhere... I know it. mid-mission, you're going through enemy base
24 005A0F59 Keep going, we need to find Frankie before The Claw has him killed.... or worse. mid-mission, you're going through enemy base
25 005A0F5A Damn Blood Eagles. Let's make 'em all pay. mid-mission, you're going through enemy base
26 005A0F5B What are you waiting for? Hit the damn switch! mid-mission, you're going through enemy base
27 005A0F5C Come on! Let's wipe 'em all out! mid-mission, you're going through enemy base
28 005A0F5D Not... now. You're dealing with confronting The Claw
37 005A17AE Don't worry about Frankie... I'll bring him somewhere safe. you're emotionally spent
38 005A17AF You head back to camp, I'll take care of Frankie. Thanks, friend. Thanks for everything. you're emotionally spent
39 005A17B0 I'll see you back at camp. Thanks for your help... I couldn't have done this without you. you're emotionally spent
40 005A17B1 I... I need a little time alone if you don't mind. I'll see you back at camp. somber - your brother's dead, but the ordeal is over
41 005A17B2 All this and I still couldn't save him. (to self) somber - your brother's dead, but the ordeal is over
42 005A17B3 Thanks for everything, I just need to be alone right now, okay? (to self) somber - your brother's dead, but the ordeal is over
43 005A0D3A 005A0DAB Yeah, I guess I never thought of it that way.
44 Though, to be fair, mowing down a bunch of the Blood Eagles was a bit of selfish payback as well.
45 005A0D49 005A0D9E No, I can't. Look... I know I've asked so much of you already... but please, help me end my journey.
46 I can't do this alone.
47 005A0D4B 005A0DC6 No. This has to end here. Today.
48 005A0D4D 005A0DA6 The Claw must be just a name the Blood Eagles have used for different people over the years.
49 I'm not sure how Frankie took The Claw's place before we got here, but I'm sure it has something to do with the chems.
50 005A0D4F 005A0DCE I don't know. I'm one of three Blood Eagles to ever "escape" their brainwashing and kick the chem habit.
51 It was painful... it almost killed me. I don't know if Frankie can survive that.
52 005A0D51 005A0DAF Oh my god, you're right, I let him get inside my head. I need to focus.
53 005A0D53 005A0DC0 I was afraid you were going to say that, but in my heart, I know that you're right.
54 005A0D55 005A0D9F I don't know if Frankie's in there or not anymore. Maybe he's too far gone to save and I should just pull the trigger. Please, help me.
57 005A0D57 005A0DA7 Look, man... I'm sorry, okay? I was wrong. I shouldn't have stuffed you away like that. We should have stuck together. It's... it's all my fault. you're sort of breaking down at this point, the emotion of this encounter is cutting through your tough exterior
58 Come on, Frankie. Snap out of it. You're my brother and I need you to come home.
61 005A0D59 005A0DB0 Frankie, listen to me. You got to fight this! It's the chems, they did something to you. Changed you. This isn't you, man... you can beat this thing! recovered from the shock, pushing back hard
65 005A0D5B 005A0DB7 No... no way. This doesn't make any sense! You're The Claw? How's that possible? still in shock
67 005A0D5D 005A0DBC Wait. What the hell?! Frankie... is that you? The guy you thought kidnapped your brother turns out to BE your brother, so shock
68 005A0D5E 005A0DE6 If my head weren't all out of whack worrying about this last push, I'd be... well, I'd be more into what you're laying down. player just hit on you
69 All that matters to me right now is getting my brother out of this hellhole alive. When we get back, we can talk about us. Cool? player hit on you
70 005A0D60 005A0DC3 We know, Ronny. We know.
73 005A0D64 005A0DCB Yup, I'll be there.
74 005A0D66 005A0DAC Not much really, that part of Appalachia is more Ronny's territory.
75 I think it was some kind of an underground parking garage... the perfect place for those rats to nest. "rats" being the Blood Eagles, so lots of disdain there
76 005A0D68 005A0DD3 Hmmm. No, I don't think so. It's possible, but unlikely, you had to think about it a sec
77 She screws us over, it's not like The Claw is going to fill her pockets with caps. He'd just off her and be done with the whole thing.
78 Nah. She's got our back. I'm sure of it.
79 005A0D6A 005A0DB4 Not this time. Bar's closed until we finish this.
80 005A0D6C 005A0DDF Ronny bribed someone into getting a key to an unused entrance to Watoga Underground.
81 She's also bringing Edwi... well, her entire gang. If the Blood Eagles wanted a fight, they've sure got one. you almost said "Edwin's entire gang" then you remembered Edwin's pretty much done being a gang leader
82 005A0D6D 005A0DE4 I already told my gang. Any of them shoots The Claw, they gotta answer to me. you really mean it
83 005A0D70 005A0DC1 All right. Good luck. See you both on the other side. say this like lock and load again - you're heading into a hell of a battle
84 005A0D71 005A0DA0 I'm sorry, Frankie. Sorry for everything. youre about to kill your brother
85 005A0D72 005A0DC8 And so... a new Claw is reborn! You want to play these lines crazy. You're under the influence of chems, think The Joker, but don't go too overboard.
86 005A0D73 005A0DA8 Let me do this... I have to be the one.
87 005A0D74 005A0DD0 Let me talk to him.
88 005A0D75 005A0DB1 Frankie. I want you to look at me. gathering confidence
89 005A0D76 005A0DD7 Look? Yes... look! Look beyond this shell made of skin and bone. Look deep, and witness the soul of The Claw. You want to play these lines crazy. You're under the influence of chems, think The Joker, but don't go too overboard.
90 005A0D77 005A0DB8 Focus on my voice, Frankie. It's just me and you against the world, buddy... just like old times. Come on man, focus. staying the course, talking your crazed brother down
91 I know you've been hurt, Frankie. I know I wasn't there for you, especially when you needed me the most. And I'm sorry.
92 005A0D78 005A0DE1 *Laughs* No, no. It's not that easy, Beckett. The Claw demands a high price for failure. The price is suffering. You want to play these lines crazy. You're under the influence of chems, think The Joker, but don't go too overboard.
93 005A0D79 005A0DBD Listen to me, Frankie. Do you remember when we were kids and we were playing near that bombed-out factory in Maryland?
94 Then those rabid dogs jumped out and surprised us? We ran and ran, but then I fell into that ditch and twisted my leg like a dumbass. Right?
95 I told you to run, but what did you say to me, man? Try and remember.
97 005A0D7B 005A0DC4 ...no matter how bad things became. Yeah. That's exactly right. you finished the brother's thought and you're reverting to a calmer tone to drive in the final nail
98 You fought off those dogs with nothing but a goddamn broken baseball bat. It almost killed you, man. You... you saved me. you're reverting to a calmer tone to drive in the final nail
99 You were so cut up from the fight, I thought I was going to lose you, Frankie. you're reverting to a calmer tone to drive in the final nail
100 005A0D7C 005A0DA4 No. There's no Claw, there's no Blood Eagles. There's just me and you right now. So shut up and listen! you're sick of the babbling bullshit, you're pushing your hardest here to get him on your side
101 After the dogs were gone and you reached into the ditch to help me out. What. Did. You. Say? you're pushing your hardest here to get him on your side - elevated voice
102 Tell me! Goddamn it, Frankie, tell me! you're pushing your hardest here to get him on your side - elevated voice?
106 005A0D7F 005A0DD4 I know it hurts, man. I know it does. But whatever it takes, we'll get through this together. you did it... he's on your side, now finish the moment
107 We're family and I love you, Frankie. Always have, always will.
109 005A0D82 005A0DA1 I know, and I'm not angry with you.
110 005A0D84 005A0DC9 Well, if I didn't, it's certainly too late to change my mind now.
111 005A0D86 005A0DA9 Yeah, I know, but I don't need to hear that out loud... you know what I mean? that stung a little
112 005A0D87 005A0DD1 If anything, I should be angry with myself. This is all my fault to begin with. I started him down this path by not being there for him.
113 And, to make matters worse, I was such a chicken shit, I forced you to make this decision. What the hell have I done?
114 005A0D8B 005A0DD8 He was my kid brother, watching me having the time of my life in these stupid raider gangs instead of trying to make an honest living.
115 So of course, he followed in my footsteps, fell in with the wrong crowd... and now he's dead because of me.
116 005A0D8D 005A0DB9 Doesn't make the pain go away, but you're right.
117 005A0D8E 005A0DE2 Sigh. Look, uh. I need some... time. To bury my brother and get myself together, okay?
118 Head back to your C.A.M.P. and I'll meet you there soon. And before you ask, yes... I'll be fine.
119 See you soon.
120 005A0D90 005A0DBE I'm glad one of us did.
121 005A0D92 005A0D9D Proud of me for not murdering my brother? I suppose that's high praise for a former raider.
122 005A0D94 005A0DC5 You and me both. I think I almost pulled my gun more than a few times.
123 005A0D95 005A0DA5 If anything, I should be disappointed with myself. This is all my fault to begin with. I started him down this path by not being there for him.
124 And, to make matters worse, I was such a chicken shit, I forced you to make this decision. Not my finest hour.
125 005A0D97 005A0DCD And I have yours. Forever. I mean that.
126 005A0D9B 005A0DD5 Every word of it. If I had made some of it up, I don't think it would have gotten through.
127 005A0D9C 005A0DB6 Sigh. Okay... I'm going to bring Frankie to a friend I know who can help him fully recover from his addiction.
128 Head back to your C.A.M.P. and I'll meet you there soon. And before you say anything, yes, I promise to show up, don't worry.
129 Have a safe trip back.
140 005A1882 005A1891 This is bigger than I thought, no wonder the Eagles are looting the place. there are a number of shops and places to eat

COMP Quest Camp Full Beckett

# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 005821C6 00582348 Been a good day, got a lot of info from folks. He has an available quest and is hinting that the player should talk to him.
2 00582349 Trying not to forget the details on that tip... maybe I should write it down. He has an available quest and is hinting that the player should talk to him.
3 0058234A Hmm, just gotta grab the boss sometime before I forget about that job. He has an available quest and is hinting that the player should talk to him.
4 0058234C Let's see... yup... pretty well stocked here and ready for business. to self at your bar
5 0058234D My own bar... finally. Man, I still can't believe it. bartending
6 0058234E Bar's open! Got the good stuff right here. literally tending bar
7 0058234F I'm out of the gangs, got a bar of my own, and the drinks are cold. Life doesn't get any better than this. Quietly, happily. His woes are over
8 00582350 Off the chems and surrounded by friends. This is the life. Quietly, happily. His woes are over
9 00582351 There's pretty much nowhere else I'd rather be. How many people can say that these days? Quietly, happily. His woes are over
10 00582352 I am one lucky man, that's for sure. Quietly, happily. His woes are over
11 00582353 I need a hobby. Oh wait, that's... the whole bartending thing. Muttering to himself in an amused way
12 00582354 I've got a real good thing going for me here. Quietly, happily. His woes are over
13 00582355 Live and let live. Unless they don't let live. Then they die. Thinking, then a little serious
14 00582356 Everything seems so different when you aren't attacking it all. Happily, peacefully
15 00582357 We gotta protect what we have. It's worth it. Thinking, then a little serious
16 00582358 Okay, let's see... the things I miss about gang life.... Wondering
17 Uh. Nothing. Huh. Short list. Amused
18 00582359 My life has changed so much so quickly... A bit of doubt, quiet, calm
19 0058235A My dreams need to settle down... A bit of doubt, quiet, calm
20 0058235B Wish I could have reached more of them. Quietly, sadly
21 0058235C Kicking back with a drink and just admiring the scenery... doesn't get much better than this. Admiring the landscape quietly
22 0058235D So colorful, so wild... you don't need chems to appreciate a place like this. Admiring the landscape
23 0058235E Probably could have camped in a safer place than the Bog, but who am I to judge? half irritated, half wink
24 0058235F Of all the places to set up camp, why the Bog? Yeesh. yeesh like "yuck"
25 00582360 Nice up here in the mountains, but damn I wish that wacky robot would stop blabbing over the radio. to self
26 00582361 Hope we're planning to stay up here in the mountains... always the perfect weather for drinking. to self
27 00582362 Ugh, the Ash Heap sucks. Nothing I love more than sucking in fumes while I sleep. to self
28 00582363 Wow... you can uh, actually taste the air here. Lovely. to self - sarcasm
29 00582364 Once you get over the smell of cake frosting mixed with battery acid, this place really grows on you. to self
30 00582365 I'll be amazed if I get a single customer out here, everything smells like unwashed feet. to self
31 00582366 I dreamed of the Mothman the other night... I think it was a dream anyway. Admiring the landscape
32 00582367 Nice digs around here, I hope we can stay. to self
33 00582368 Today's weather: a hundred percent chance of rads followed by death. Stay tuned. sarcastic mock weather report - you're inside a nuked zone
34 00582369 Nice weather around here. Always wanted to grow an extra arm or two. to self - you're inside a nuked zone
35 0058236A Don't we have enough problems without people dropping nukes everywhere? to self - you're in a nuked zone
36 005821C7 00582248 I could watch you walk around all day long. Said to a romantic partner
37 00582249 Hey, where've you been? Getting kind of lonely over here. Said to a romantic partner.
38 0058224A My oh my. I'm here for you all day... Said to a romantic partner. Appreciative
39 0058224B You know, I was just thinking about that thing you do. Yeah, that. Said to a romantic partner.
40 0058224C I love it when you look at me like that. Said to a romantic partner. Appreciative
41 0058224D Things will be okay. Said to a romantic partner or bff
42 0058224E Good seeing you again. Said to a romantic partner or bff
43 0058224F You're too late. I'm already halfway drunk! Said to a romantic partner or bff. Jokingly.
44 00582250 You picked a good spot for this place. Said to a romantic partner or bff. Jokingly.
45 00582251 It's nice to have company, but not be... you know, in a gang. Said to a friend, sort of jokingly
46 00582252 Things will be okay, right? Said to a friend
47 00582253 You really saved me, you know that? Said to a friend
48 00582254 You've got a great place here. Said to a friend
49 00582255 It's always good to see you around, friend. Said to a friend
50 00582256 Thanks for letting me crash here for a bit. Said to someone he just met.
51 00582257 Let me know if I'm in your way. Said to someone he just met.
52 00582258 Don't mind me, just taking it all in... Said to anyone, friend or romantic partner or just met
53 00582259 Having a good one, I hope? Said to anyone, friend or romantic partner or just met
84 005821C8 005824C5 Back for more Beckett, eh? Can't say I blame ya... Player accepted the quest already but wants to talk some more with Beckett.
85 005824C6 Wanted to take a breather before heading out, hmm? I hear that. Player wants to talk with Beckett before they finish their quest.
86 005824C7 If you feel like talking, then shoot. Player accepted the quest, but wants to grab a drink and chat before they head out.
87 005824CA I do believe that I saw Sage meandering around. Might be worth a quick chat first. Someone stopped by that the player should speak with.
88 005824CB I thought I heard something... scuffling around. Got a sec? Let's look around. Someone stopped by that the player should speak with.
89 005824CD I heard some interesting stuff recently. Have a moment? Said to someone he doesn't know well. He's offering a quest.
90 005824CF So I heard something that you might find particularly interesting, my friend. Said to someone he doesn't know well. He's offering a quest.
91 005824D2 There you are. Listen up. Said to someone he's very good friends with. Offering a quest.
92 005824D3 I'm always glad when you stop by. So hey, I've got news. Said to someone he's very good friends with. Offering a quest.
93 005824D4 Mmm-mm. Look at that. I've been waiting for you to brighten my day. Allow me to return the favor. Said to someone he's romantic with. Offering a quest.
94 005824D5 You certainly know how to make a man almost lose his train of thought, you know that? Let me see... oh yes. Said to someone he's romantic with. Offering a quest.
95 005824D6 I have a secret I'll share with you, but you need to get close. Said to someone he's romantic with. Offering a quest.
96 005824D7 As much as I hate sending you away, I have something for you. offering a quest to a romantic partner
97 005824D9 I love it when you stop by, even for just a moment. Said to a romantic partner
98 005824DA Well, hey there... my day just got a little brighter. Said to a romantic partner with a wink
99 005824DB You need anything, just say the word, and I'll make it happen. Said to a romantic partner - warm
100 005824DC You are such a sight for sore eyes. Said to a romantic partner.
101 005824DD What can I do for you, boss? Said to a very good friend. bff.
102 005824DE Anything for you, boss. Said to a very good friend. bff.
103 005824E0 Something you want to talk about, my friend? Said to a friend.
104 005824E1 What's on your mind, my friend? They're going to just chat casuallly.
105 005824E2 Tell me, what can ol' Beckett do for you today? They're going to just chat casuallly.
106 005824E7 Wow, the bar looks great. Even better than I'd imagined. Thanks for giving me a place to crash. impressed
107 005909C2 Sounds like we have a visitor somewhere. Someone stopped by that the player should speak with.
108 005909C4 So... did you find it? Excited.
109 005909C5 He ran off, right? He does that. Don't worry, he'll find us when he wants to. Excited.
110 005909C6 You got the key... nice. You're an animal, you know that? I uh... mean that in a positive way, of course.
111 005909C7 Ronny is going to be thrilled to hear Bronx is dead.
112 005909CC So, Star's no longer with us I assume. Good.
113 005909CD Holy shit, oh my god... I'm glad you're back. I've got some news you need to hear. talking to yourself at beginning here - big problem, and you've been waiting for player
114 005909D0 Geez, this diary is worse than I even remembered... I hope it wasn't too much trouble. Kind of mocking it.
115 005909D1 I'm glad you found Sage. He's probably wrestling with some inner... or... outer demons right now. Best to give him some space.
116 005909D2 I'm glad you found Edwin's key. Damn guy won't shut up about it.
117 005909D3 So, that was Sage...
118 005909D4 Now that we have their Buffout supply in hand, the Blood Eagles will have a harder time growing their gang. Score another one for us.
119 005909D5 One Blood Eagle leader down, and two more to go.
120 005909D8 Ronny needs a Nurse Bot so let's get her one.
121 005909D9 Look... I know I've asked a lot, but please... I need you to hear me out on this.
122 005A003A Something you wanted to talk about? Player accepted the quest, but wants to grab a drink and chat before they head out.
123 005A003B You might as well rest up before you head out again. Player accepted the quest, but wants to grab a drink and chat before they head out.
124 005A003C You need anything before you head back out? Player accepted the quest, but wants to grab a drink and chat before they head out.
125 005A003D Can I help you with anything before you take off? Player accepted the quest, but wants to grab a drink and chat before they head out.
126 005A003E Hey, I'm here if you need anything. Just ask. Player accepted the quest, but wants to grab a drink and chat before they head out.
127 005A003F If you need anything... a talk, a drink, I'm here for you, friend. Player accepted the quest, but wants to grab a drink and chat before they head out.
128 005A0040 If you want to talk, I'm here. I won't judge you... much. Player accepted the quest, but wants to grab a drink and chat before they head out.
129 005A0041 Thanks for everything you've been doing to help me. If you need anything, you just say the word, friend. Player accepted the quest, but wants to grab a drink and chat before they head out.
130 005A0042 Look, I can't thank you enough for everything you're doing. If you need a minute to talk before you, go, I'm here for you. Player accepted the quest, but wants to grab a drink and chat before they head out.
131 005A0612 There you are! Two down, one to go, eh? We're on a damn roll!
132 005A0613 You ready to get this done? We're so damn close.
133 005A0F37 Got a moment?
134 005A11D7 Hey! There you are. Had some news for you about Frankie. this is post a huge dungeon you were worried player wouldn't come back from
135 005A1265 I think Sage is around here somewhere. I know it's rough, but you might want to hear what he has to say. Someone stopped by that the player should speak with.
136 005A1267 Target eliminated? Good, good. Is there anything else you needed?
137 005A1268 Scratched another target, eh? Perfect. Need to chat about anything else?
138 005A1269 Told you that target wouldn't be too rough. Need anything else for the moment?
139 005A126A Dead targets mean caps for both of us... and that's a good thing, am I right? Care to spend them on a drink or maybe just talk?
140 005A126B Yup, this is what I sent you after. Is there anything else you needed?
141 005A126C Oh, yeah... this will do nicely. Need to chat about anything else?
142 005A126D Found the item already? Damn, you're good. Need anything else for the moment?
143 005A126E Yup, this looks just like it did in the picture. Care to spend those hard-earned caps at the bar or something?
144 005A126F Word is you saved our target, so mission accomplished. Is there anything else you needed?
145 005A1270 Another rescue job complete. Right on time, too. Need to chat about anything else?
146 005A1271 Wow. Never expected these rescue jobs to be so lucrative. Who knew? Anyway, need anything else?
147 005A1272 Caps keep pouring in from all these rescues you're completing. Love it. Feel like spending a couple at my bar or something?
148 005A1273 Thanks for running that job for me... er, us. Anything else I can do for you?
149 005A1274 Done already? Whew. You're killing it, friend. What else can I get for you?
150 005A1275 Another job well done... you never cease to amaze me, friend. Is there anything else you needed?
151 005A1276 Making caps from these jobs feels good, right? Say... maybe you'd like to spend a few at my bar or something?
152 005821EF 005822A9 Oh, I know you do. Would blow the player a kiss if he could.
153 005822AA There's always more where that comes from. Innuendos
154 005822AB I know you can handle it. You always can. Speaking to a friend or lover.
155 005822AC Of course. Anything for you, my dear friend. Speaking to a friend or lover.
156 005822AD Be careful out there, will you? Speaking to a friend or lover. Starting to catch the feels.
157 005822AE Just be careful out there. It's a dangerous world. Speaking to a friend or lover.
158 005822AF No problem. Take care of yourself, I'm starting to like you. Speaking to a friend or lover.
159 005822B0 Of course. It's the least I can do for a friend. Speaking to a friend or lover.
160 005822B1 Be careful out there, friend. Speaking to a friend, but not a lover.
161 005822B2 I hope so. I like living here, you know? Be careful. Speaking to a friend, but not a lover.
162 005822B3 No problem. Good luck out there. Speaking to a friend, but not a lover.
163 005822B4 No problem. Take care. Speaking to the player. They don't know each other well.
164 005822B5 Of course. Be careful. Speaking to the player. They don't know each other well.
165 005822B6 I asked several of my very best drunk visitors to make sure you have the most up to date information.
166 005822B7 It doesn't matter, really. Don't worry, I'd never send you into harm's way unless I thought it was worth your time.
167 005822B8 I know a bunch of traders who would love to get their mitts on it. Which tells me that it's pretty valuable. Trying to interest the player
168 005822B9 I was told that it's well guarded, and it'll be a slog to get to it. But it's probably worth the time and effort. Trying to interest the player
169 005822BA A couple visitors stopped by while you're out. We traded info. I told them things they need to know about the Blood Eagles. They give me tips. Matter-of-factly
170 It's my business, you know? It's what I do when you're away. I trade secrets, and I give you good ones as a rent payment. He says this in a friendly way, in a "now you know" sort of way.
171 005822BB How do you know what you know? You just... pick things up as you go along, right? That's all it is, really. Answering the question of how he knows this stuff. Answering to a friend.
172 005822BC I just have one of those faces -- a dashingly handsome face that people trust implicitly or punch repeatedly. There isn't much of a middle ground. He knows he's good looking.
173 005822BD Best way to learn is to listen... and sympathize, and try to relate somehow back to yourself. People like being heard. Explaining how he knows about this armor.
174 005822BE Someone I used to know a very long time ago dropped by. We had a long chat. I picked up some details that I thought might interest you. That's all. A little secretive, but still friendly.
175 005822BF Does it matter? It's good information. I mean that in the most sincere way, friend. He doesn't want to reveal his sources but the info is legit.
176 005822C0 Picked this up from some settler who was just passing through on her way to Foundation. Matter-of-factly
177 005822C1 Not really. Just that I know you can do this, I've seen you do this sort of stuff before. You're an animal, my friend. An animal. Admires your work, joking
178 005822C2 Trust me, I wouldn't send you off away from me if I didn't think it was worth your time. I'll be here when you get back.
179 005822C3 I know you can handle this, really. Good luck all the same. Kind warning that he might say to anybody.
180 005822C4 Be careful out there. Kind warning that he might say to anybody.
181 005822C5 That's all I have, really. Good luck out there. Hopefully I'll see you later.
182 005822C6 If you die, I inherit this place, right? No? Okay. Just wondering. Joking
183 005822C7 Good luck out there, friend. You can... probably... do it. Friendly, but a little hesitant
184 0058248C Someone I trust told me about a stash of stolen equipment -- probably armor. I think you should go grab it. They don't deserve to keep it.
185 005824AE Care to do a good deed today? A trader mentioned that she was looking for a missing person. I've got some info, but not a ton.
186 0058F931 It's... well, there was this Raider named Edwin. Really tough guy. One of their bosses, I guess. Sharpened his teeth into points. You know. Classy. Sarcastic about being classy. Guy was a monster.
187 To piss him off specifically, I stole his sad diary. I was going to read it over loud speakers or something but life... and murder... got in the way. A little crass but he does mostly regret it
188 Anyway the sad diary is stashed somewhere I never thought he'd find it. If you can snatch it, I'll figure out how to return it to him. Thinking about how he could do that.
189 I'm sure at least one of our mutual contacts is still alive... well... I'm not sure, actually... anyway. I'll figure that out on my own. Kind of amused.
190 0058F935 Okay, yeah. Let's just sit on our thumbs for a while and hope the world just gets better, right? I've been there. But it won't, you know. Only a little annoyed. Assumes the player doesn't care.
191 0059081A Okay. Just... look. Not everybody had a charmed existence outside of the Vaults, you know? Some of us got burned. Hard. Literally.
192 0059083F I get it. Maybe later, indeed. Kind of annoyed.
193 00590878 I get it. Come back when you aren't scared. Mockingly, but kinda jokingly too.
194 Wait. That was old Beckett. I'm sorry. Damn it! Come back when you've got the time... I'm sorry, seriously. Genuinely sorry.
195 0059089C Okay, I've got to wait around for Edwin to show up anyway. Gotta keep my options open here.
196 005908D9 Yeah, I was there once. I'll never forget the stench of that place. Smelled like death.
197 Come to think of it, I remember seeing a bunch of holotapes there... The Eye liked to record his, uh... sessions. May want to grab whatever you find.
198 005908FB One of the gang members stopped by earlier and let me know that they got the Nurse Bot and they're having a big party to celebrate his retirement.
199 I'm sure once her headache fades from that, she'll stop by again.
200 0059095A What I did was shitty. Even though it was some stupid raider punk. If I give it back, maybe his gang will forgive and forget. I need allies right now. He's trying to be optimistic.
201 It's worth a shot, right? Optimisitc, following up on the previous line.
202 0059095B intentionally left blank. do not record a line. not even silence.
203 0059095C Sage is a violent murderer, a sloppy thief, and used chems until his brain rotted down to almost nothing. Explaining someone who has had some seriously traumatic shit happen to them.
204 Now he sees the world... differently than we do. Last time I saw him, I was trying to get out of the Blood Eagles and he was joining a new cult. Kind of disappointed that he didn't stop him, but beckett wasn't in a good place to help
205 0059095D For a while he was into a Tato cult. They just... spoke to and then... ate Tatos. Um. I try not to judge you know. So... moving on. He shakes his head, he doesn't know. Tato is a food.
206 Then he was in a cult that believed we were all living in some kind of terminal program or robotic AI unit... I don't remember anymore. *sighs* Shakes his head, just why. Sighs.
207 Then he did some Mothman thing. Might still be his jam? Or maybe he's into some other cryptid now? It... doesn't matter, honestly. Embarassed type pain
208 0059095E Kinda? I mean, look. I haven't met a cult that I thought was good for him yet. He stays with them for a month or so and then I have to bail him out. This has happened before.
209 All I know is the more he experiments, the more it's messing with his mind. Trust me, you'll see.
210 0059095F Well, I don't know for sure. There's a cave that he talked about last time I saw him, so I thought you could try there.
211 When I go talk to Edwin's gang, I'm going to see if they know anything else. I doubt they will, but... I may as well ask while I'm there.
212 00590960 Eh. I'm used to dealing with chem fiends. You know? Attention span of a cave cricket at best.
213 I didn't want to waste your time with a giant lone preamble about all the details unless you were actually into it. But I'm open to questions!
214 00590961 He wasn't interested in meeting with me just yet, he can't trust me. So he sent someone from his gang -- Ronny.
215 She accepted the diary on his behalf and said Edwin would meet me here at your place soon... when he feels like it. She said I should wait for him.
216 00590962 Someone from Edwin's gang decided they wanted out. Honestly, Edwin can get pretty weird, so I can't say I blame them.
217 Anyway, this idiot thought stealing the key and then blaming it on a rival gang would cause all sorts of problems for Edwin. They were right.
218 00590963 Some nobody who thinks they have it all figured out. Don't even know their name. Hell, I don't even want to know. I just want that key.
219 00590964 The weapons cache isn't really the point.
220 This traitor is clearly trying to goad Edwin's gang and a rival gang into a confrontation. Big mistake.
221 00590966 Edwin's had numerous setbacks with his gang lately. It's one of the bigger low key raider gangs around, but... he's shedding respect.
222 Making an example out of Bronx should help him put his house back in order.
223 00590967 Edwin's her uncle. Someday when he kicks it, the gang goes to her. But the truth is, she's been leading that gang for years already.
224 Having a tentative agreement with her is almost better than having a true handshake with him.
225 00590968 Oh, they have a bit of a history.
226 Edwin used to walk around with this giant fat cat perched on his shoulder. He loved that cat. I bet you can guess what the Blood Eagles did, right?
227 That's right. They stole his cat, skinned it and cooked it for dinner. Then they sent the bloody pelt back to Edwin in a sack. Classy, right?
228 00590969 The Blood Eagles are led by three vicious maniacs. The Blood, The Eye, and The Claw. And when I say "maniacs," I'm being polite.
229 0059096B Maybe. I hope so. It's hard to know what he considers to be important to the rest of us... but, well. I think he will.
230 0059096D You got it, friend. I won't offer you more unless you tell me to. I have some nice non-alcoholic ones though.
231 0059096E Without this Buffout, the Blood Eagles won't be able to fill their ranks. We're really doing it!
232 0059096F I gave Ronny the key and told her the news about Bronx. She's thrilled, by the way. So hopefully we'll hear some news... soon.
233 00590970 I'm going to dig a hole somewhere, deep. Then bury it. Hopefully it will sink into the soil and that's it. It's a temporary measure, but... necessary.
234 Don't worry, I'm not going to use it, if that's what you're thinking. I've worked way too hard to escape that crap. Never again.
235 00590971 Thanks. It means a lot, it seriously does. The Blood is a true monster... one that still gives me nightmares today.
236 00590972 Normally, yes. But you took their chems, and I'm destroying them. So best case scenario, they have to waste time finding more.
237 They won't be worried about filling the gap in the leadership. Not now.
238 00590973 Not at all. They were just... raiders who were destroyed by heavy chem addiction.
239 But... then it wasn't just that. Some of them became incredibly violent. Thoroughly enraged.
240 Before they we're just a band of maniacs, and... it was bad, yeah. But this is... this is new. This is terrible.
241 00590974 Yeah, The Blood normally travels around Appalachia looking for "recruits" to kidnap, but I have an idea where you can look.
242 00590975 I just can't believe you did it. I just... I feel... lighter. I really do.
243 00590976 I know, I know. It's ridiculous. But look, to finish off the Blood Eagles, we're going to need Edwin's help. So, let's play ball, okay?
244 I gotta wait here for Sage, so do me this favor. Please?
245 00590977 First of all, that's evil. You know. Like evil. Edwin is a good guy, he's a little... mushy in places, but he's fine.
246 Secondly, that's Ronny's uncle. She actually loves him. Do you think she would be happy with that? Come on. Geez.
247 Thirdly... Edwin has a ton of health issues. I'm surprised he's still around. We've been helping Ronny this whole time, you know what I mean?
248 00590978 They have no idea who you are. I'm sure they're taking out revenge on literally every single Vault Dweller they see right now. Others too, maybe.
249 I know it sounds like we made things worse but... we have to finish it. We have to cut off the other two heads. Then they're just idiots again.
250 00590979 So when Ronny said "dog" what she meant was... a freaking Mole Rat? Seriously?
251 0059097A If the Blood Eagles get a radio station up and running, they can literally broadcast their threats across Appalachia.
252 Everyone who hears the message will either run away or join up to avoid being killed.
253 0059097B She joined up about two weeks before I did. She's so amped, they didn't even need to juice her up with the Buffout to mess with her mind.
254 I once saw her kick a defenseless woman off of a cliff. I mean, who the hell does that? She needs to fall... hard.
255 0059097C No, and it's kind of freaking me out. I was getting regular messages from Ronny and suddenly they've stopped.
256 I have a feeling something big is going down over at their camp, but we can't worry about that now.
257 0059097F Because. They're all dead.
258 I... I killed them all for their chems and a couple of caps. It's a memory I wish I could forget.
259 00590980 I remember this place well. Do I deserve the memories replaying in my mind? Reliving what I did there? Probably.
260 But I gotta forgive myself, too. Not entirely, but... enough.
261 00590981 I don't know much about the thing. Even though it seemed attached to the family, it didn't try to fight back when I, um, when I killed everyone.
262 You know, when I put it all together... the Miss Nanny, the chems... the family must have been sick. I murdered sick, innocent people in cold blood. getting upset when coming to this realization
263 This is what the addiction does to you... how the Blood Eagles strip away your humanity. They need to die. All of them. getting upset when coming to this realization
264 00590982 You're damn right. He's all I've got, okay? I've watched out for that stupid kid ever since... you're about to reveal something so a pause at the end
265 Ever since our father was killed, leaving us both alone. Yeah, I know... sounds like a typical "boo-hoo" sob story, but it's true. calming, admitting a secret to Player
266 00590983 Slow down? Why?! Don't you get it? They're going to torture him to get to me!
267 First they kill your heart, they make you forget everything you love, and when you're the most vulnerable, they mess with your brain.
268 00590984 I have no idea. All I know is he's gone and I don't know what they're doing to him!
269 00590985 It's not like the Blood Eagles keep a lot of records... everybody moves around a lot, there isn't that much structure outside of the leadership.
270 It might be a gamble, but it's the best chance we've got.
271 00590986 I see you didn't find Frankie, either. Damn it! mix of sadness and frustration... hopes to see your brother alive are dwindling
272 00590987 You might as well ask me "why is it bright when the sun shines?"
273 The Blood Eagles are insane. After they plant the poison they'll probably hide nearby just to watch the Settlers die one-by-one. It's a game to them.
274 00590988 He knows a lot of people who see and hear things differently than you and I. And sometimes those things are meaningful.
275 So... maybe? Doesn't hurt to ask.
276 00590989 I'll listen to it. I just need to brace myself for it, just in case it has other implications... I just need a moment to breathe, too.
277 The other one was... I just can't talk about it yet. Listen to it, and then we can... I don't know. Talk about it. Maybe. Shit. I can't do this.
278 I need some air.
279 0059098A Wait... this a recording of one of The Eye's "sessions" at The Lab. I don't know if I'm ready to listen to that... but I suppose I'll have to. hope turns to horror as you realize what it means
280 0059098B Friend, I understand the impatience. I do. I want closure on Frankie and to watch the Blood Eagles burn.
281 The thing is... I need to be a better person, too. I used to be one of the brainless maniacs that would poison these innocent people with glee.
282 But today I decided to be a decent person who's going to help some Settlers live to see another day. And I asked my friend to help.
283 0059098C I'll take creepy and awkard over cruel and malicious any day of the week. You know what I mean?
284 0059098D I used to live with Sage a long time ago. I still love him dearly. We weren't really compatible, but... I respect him and the way he thinks.
285 Having said all of that...
286 Shit, I have no clue how he gets his information. Even back then he would just sit straight up at night and suddenly say something profound.
287 And then go back to sleep and never know it happened.
288 And look. The answer is: he took a ton of chems. Chems you and I haven't even heard of. Chems he probably invented himself.
289 I mean... he used to be a chemist. I guess. Or maybe he still is? But his brain reacted... differently. And this is the result.
290 So... I don't have an answer for you other than this: he just does.
291 00590993 When I... started going overboard with the chems, I guess. When I mixed them up with more... with poisons... with the Blood Eagles.
292 005909B7 I mean, yeah. That's what I thought too. What else was on your mind, anyway? Friendly, a little amused though.
293 00590EBB I'm not sure if any of that was very helpful. Why I put up with that guy I'll never know.
294 00590EBC There's only one place The Eye would be... the old Bear Cave.
295 I remember that place, it's where we used to dump the victims that didn't survive The Eye's sessions.
296 00590EBD I need to know where the Claw may be, and I need to know what else is there so we can prepare.
297 00590EBE Yeah, look for a place to dump The Eye's corpse when you're done filling him full of bullets.
298 Besides that, look for any info about Frankie.
299 00590EBF I have an idea.
300 00590EC0 I know that it's a mobile recorder that moves between the Triune members, takes dictation, then moves on. Constantly.
301 But. I know where it is right now, thanks to Ronny who stopped by for refreshments before going back off to slaughter more losers.
302 00590EC1 It's gotta be destroyed either way. If you can destroy it there, do it there. I don't need to see their shitty texts.
303 00590EC2 This stores the entire history of the Triune, all of their rituals, all of their contacts and owed deeds... any other formulas...
304 And it also has their entire plans for how they can control the rest of the Raiders next, then the Settlers.
305 Without this, they are just raging assholes with no direction, no vision, no goals. And that is exactly how they should stay. Leaderless.
306 00590EC3 Okay. I understand... but please come back when you have more time.
307 005A0124 Ancient history, huh? Fair enough.
308 Well... let's see. First I was just an independent, just trying to steal enough to keep me afloat. Problem was all of the competition... the gangs.
309 Once I realized it's smarter to join them, I ran with Hopkins Hooligans. That went pretty well, until Hopkins got himself killed. reminiscing
310 I ran with Edwin's gang for a little while until the Blood Eagles came calling. They, uh, "recruited" me into their gang... and the rest is history. a little grim at the end, since this didn't go well
311 005A0128 When I was with Edwin's gang, I thought I was King Shit. I was popular with the gang, I was rolling in caps... I was untouchable.
312 Then I got hooked on the chems. Psycho, Buffout, Jet, you name it, I probably used it. At that point, I was a marked man.
313 See, the Blood Eagles were the ones seeding the gangs with the chems. That's how they recruit. They get you hooked, then they pounce.
314 One morning I woke up, mind totally obliterated, flying Blood Eagle colors. That was all it took. I was their property now.
315 005A012F Completely? No way. Even after all three leaders are gone, the rest are going to scatter across Appalachia.
316 We'll never be finished hunting them down, but we can damn well make sure their numbers get smaller.
317 005A125E Need anything else before you head out?
318 005A125F Can I help with anything else before you take off?
319 005A1260 That it, or do you need more?
320 005A1261 You good to go, or did you need anything else?
321 005A1894 Nice... good work.
322 005A1895 Hm, not bad at all.
323 005A1896 Woah, nice job!
324 005A1897 Whatever. shrug
325 005A1898 Hm. shrug
326 005A1899 Yuck.
327 005A189A Ugh, no thanks.
328 005A189B That could have been better.
329 005A189C Well, that was pretty stupid.
330 005A189D What? That's crazy.
331 005A189E Oh, hell yeah!
332 005A189F Doesn't get much better than that!
333 005A18A0 That was probably a bad idea.
334 005A18A1 Oooooo... uh, that could have gone better.
335 005A18A2 Perfect. Perfect... thanks.
336 005A18A3 Right on the money.
337 005A18A4 Yes.
338 005A18A5 Yup.
339 005A18A6 Alright.
340 005A18A7 I'm on it.
341 005A18A8 No.
342 005A18A9 Nope.
343 005A18AA No way!
344 005A18AB Not gonna happen.
345 005A18AC Here ya go.
346 005A18AD Got something for ya.
347 005A18AE Maybe this will help.
348 005A18AF Thanks.
349 005A18B0 Appreciated.
350 005A18B1 Damn, that's great!
351 005A18B2 Well, that sucks.
352 005A18B3 Hang on a sec... let me get to the bar. friendly - player asked for drink, but you aren't at bar
353 005A18B4 Sure, just let me get to the bar first. friendly - player asked for drink, but you aren't at bar
354 005A18B5 No problem, just gotta get over to my bar. friendly - player asked for drink, but you aren't at bar
355 005A18B6 Yeah, yeah... let me get to the bar first. a bit annoyed - player asked for drink, but you aren't at bar
356 005A18B7 Yup, just need to get the bar open. Hang on. a bit annoyed - player asked for drink, but you aren't at bar
357 005A18B8 Okay, just need to get over to my bar. a bit annoyed - player asked for drink, but you aren't at bar
360 005821F1 00582240 So... I can keep you all to myself then, right? Just kidding, love. Go on, do what you need to do. Flirty
361 00582241 Understood, my love. Check with me later if you have time, okay? Flirty
362 00582242 No problem, my friend. Maybe later? He understands
363 00582243 No worries. I hear about these things all the time, so stop by later. He understands
364 00582244 Understood. If you change your mind, let me know. He understands
365 00582245 You gotta do what you gotta do. He understands
366 005821F3 005825E3 I'm immensely jealous. But... I'm willing to wait. For... a bit anyway. Sexily
367 005825E4 After you rescue them... save the rope for later. Sexily
368 005825E6 You're really something else, aren't you? Admiring the player
369 005825E7 Go on, save them. You're a damn hero, you know? Admiring the player
370 005825E8 I knew you'd say yes. Ever the impressive one, aren't you? Admiring the player
371 005825E9 Of course you'd agree. It's who you are. Admiring the player
372 005825EA You don't even know them, but you'll risk your life for them? I understand if it was a weapon or something you could sell but... hot damn. Admiring the player. Didn't expect the altruism.
373 005825EB Really, you will? Well, good. I mean, thanks! Admiring the player. Didn't expect the altruism.
374 005825EC Seriously? Wow... well. Okay then. Admiring the player. Didn't expect the altruism.
375 005825ED You're really something else, aren't you? Good luck out there, friend. Admiring the player. Didn't expect the altruism.
376 005825F0 Then get your ass back here and take care of me, okay? Overtly sexual
377 005825F1 I love it when you get that look on your face. Finish it, then get back here. Got it? Overtly sexual
378 005825F3 You're a machine. You know that, right? Flirty or Friendly, could be a lover or a friend.
379 005825F4 I admire your vigor, my friend. Truly. Flirty or Friendly, could be a lover or a friend.
380 005825F5 I've never met anybody as dependable as you. Flirty or Friendly, could be a lover or a friend.
381 005825F7 I've never had a friend like you. Just shocked that someone could be so cool and chill.
382 005825F8 Damn that's impressive, my friend. Impressed by the player.
383 005825F9 Thanks, good luck out there.
384 005825FA Yeah. That's what I thought you'd say. pleased the player is doing your favor/quest
385 005825FC Mm, I've got other wishes too, so get back here soon. Okay? Being sort of coy. Flirty.
386 005825FD Anything, huh? Well, I'll keep that in mind for next time. Joking, sort of flirty, but not overtly.
387 005825FE Thanks, friend. It means a lot to me. pleased the player is doing your favor/quest
388 005825FF Great, thanks. Be careful out there, will you? pleased the player is doing your favor/quest
389 005A2597 Yeah. That's what I thought you'd say. pleased the player is doing your favor/quest
390 005821F5 005827DC I know for a fact that you don't need more armor here, in our home. And that you could be naked all the time and that would be just fine with me. Flirting, sexual. Said to a player who is in a relationship with Beckett already
391 005827DE I heard about the armor from... I don't even know. Come to think of it, maybe I was drunk at the time. Or not.
392 005827DF From some visitors, I trust them well enough anyway. Flirting, sexual. Said to a player who is in a relationship with Beckett already.
393 005827E3 Grahm told me about this one. Said he wanted to get his hands on it for trades, but that he just couldn't. Not with Chally in tow. Sweet, right? Trying to interest the player
394 005827E4 The hunter said he took in a gang of three others and they couldn't get to it. You might have trouble, but they did make a fair dent for you. Trying to interest the player
395 005827E6 Not much. If you don't like the weapons you can always sell them, my friend. You know that. This world finds them to be always worth something.
396 005827E7 Look, I'm not going to send a friend after a weapon that's completely worthless. Even if you can't use it, you could always sell it.
397 005827E8 Welp, let's see. It kills stuff, it's worth a bunch of caps and it's not in your possession yet. Is that good enough?
398 005827EA The weapon just seemed like something you could pick up quickly or easily. Might be worth a bundle. That's all. Consider it to be rent. Matter-of-factly
399 005827EB I talk to too many drunk people, you know that? But the thing is, they always have something to say. And sometimes it's also valuable. Explaining how he knows what he knows. Proud.
400 005827F0 I think you know everything you need to know. Find the item, then get the hell back here in one piece. Easy work for you.
401 005827F1 Just try not to get too distracted while you're out there finding this stash. It's easy to lose your way in Appalachia.
402 005827F3 I don't think it really matters, does it? I trust the source, and I trust that you can handle it. In fact, I know you can handle it. hit that last "know" harder
403 005827F7 Someone owed me a favor. Actually... owed me a lot of favors. But we have a good repayment plan going. I did save his life, after all. A few times. He means this in a sincere way.
404 005827F9 I traded off directions and a point of contact for the information about that stash. I figured it would be worth it to you. Matter-of-fact. Said to a friend.
405 00582805 I doubt your arrival is unexpected. I don't think it's a trap, I just think you should be cautious. Warning
406 005821F7 00582A28 Heard this place only had a couple anglers just a bit ago, but they've been swarming there. Not sure why. Could be breeding season, could be weird shit
407 00582A29 Heard this place has been swarmed with anglers. I dunno. Might not be worth the work. It's going to stink like hell, that's for sure. He's not wrong
408 00582A2A Not sure why, but a bunch of anglers have been spotted here. Could be some sort of breeding thing? Could be a feeding frenzy? I don't know. Or care. Kind of a warning. Also joking, but also shrugging at the end.
409 00582A2C Traders said they saw some Assaultrons circling this location heavily. Unclear why, but they are definitely not there to welcome you. Describing some information he obtained recently
410 00582A2D Heard from a hunter that a bunch of Assaultrons were at this location just attacking anything that came in range.} Describing some information he obtained recently
411 00582A2E Not sure why exactly, but there seem to be reports of Assaultrons gathering at this exact spot. Describing some information he obtained recently
412 00582A30 Heard from a trader that this place is utterly swarming with Bloatflies. Probably smells like rot as well.
413 00582A31 There used to be a nest of Bloatflies here a while ago, but I bet you they've all hatched by now. They're probably starving, too.
414 00582A32 Bloatflies. You know I hate 'em. But right now they're your problem my friend, because they're all over the place that you need to be.
415 00582A34 There are Blood Eagles here, so I need you to be brutal. Remember, they chose this life. They will show no mercy to you, ever. He hates them.
416 00582A35 Loads of Blood Eagles here, I've been told. There are too many... they're growing in numbers. We need to cull the herd, brutally. He hates them.
417 00582A36 Heard that some offshoot of the Blood Eagles is attempting to spin up here. Kill them all. No mercy. This needs to end. He hates them.
418 00582A38 I heard from a couple traders that this place is packed with bloodbugs. Probably a giant nest. Get there before even more eggs hatch. He hates these things.
419 00582A39 Once I saw a bloodbug nest erupt in hundreds of the filthy things. Their legs were just reaching for me... *shudders* He hates these things.
420 Sure, I was on a ton of chems at the time but the memory is burned into my mind.
421 00582A3A Sounds like a bunch of bloodbugs recently hatched here. They're probably starved from feeding on each other by now. He hates these things
422 00582A3C Someone said they heard cave crickets skittering around, chirping or... whatever it is they do. Sounded like a bunch, though.
423 00582A3D A trader passed by here recently selling cricket bread, cricket grits, cricket pie, cricket chips. Said he stopped there and barely escaped. Grosses him out a bit
424 But hey -- he left with a bunch of supplies for a while. He seemed mostly fine other than the terror in his eyes! Joking, kinda
425 00582A3E I heard a while ago that this place had tons of mature cave cricket eggs. You know what that means: crunchy adult cave crickets will be there by now.
426 00582A40 Folks have been avoiding this place for a bit due to the nest of Deathclaws. Warning to the player
427 00582A41 Heard some scavengers went there recently but never made it out. Hunter passing by said it sounded like a Deathclaw feeding frenzy. Warning to the player
428 00582A42 I spoke with a hunter the other day who was tracking down a vicious Deathclaw. Said this place is covered in tracks. Might be a nest. Warning to the player
429 00582A44 Scavengers have been sizing up this place for a while. Full of eyebots, they said. Probably guarding something. Warning to the player
430 00582A45 A few days ago a trader saw one lonely Eyebot heading to this spot. But every couple of hours, another one or two would show up. Now it's a nest. Warning to the player
431 Hmm. Would it be a "nest"? Maybe a... "glitch of Eyebots"? I don't know, there's gotta be a word for it. Genuinely wondering
432 00582A46 Some hunter from Foundation said she heard a series of beeps around there out of no where. She snuck up carefully and saw a ton of Eyebots. Warning to the player
433 She was tracking some other critter, but said it just seemed so unusual. Tried to send some scavengers over, but no takers yet. Too dangerous. Warning to the player
434 00582A48 Expect to fun into a nest of Fog Crawlers. Heard they scared off some scavengers, maybe shredded one in the process. Warning to the player
435 00582A49 When I first got to Appalachia, I ran into one of these things. You could smell it before you saw it. I can't imagine how a nest would smell... Warning to the player
436 But apparently they've been stewing up in there for a while, so it's teeming with them now. Warning to the player
437 00582A4A What do you call a group of Fog Crawlers? As if he's setting it up for a joke
438 I don't know, but you can figure it out when you go there because that's exactly what you're going to find. Ending to his joke, said like a dad.
439 00582A4C I heard from some traders passing by that this place is absolutely teeming with feral ghouls.
440 00582A4D Trader stopped by and said she lost one of her pack Brahmin to some feral ghouls around this place. Warning to the player
441 00582A4E There's a gaggle of Feral Ghouls at this spot, confirmed by a couple different passing traders. Warning to the player
442 Proper word is a "gaggle" right? Could be "a stink" maybe "a glut"? I kinda like a gaggle though. Anyway, just a heads up. Genuinely wondering
443 00582A50 There's a... family of Grafton Monsters over in this place. Couldn't get an exact uh.. head count. Warning to the player. Ends as a joke at the end because the grafton monster doen't have a head.
444 00582A51 Up until recently there was just one Grafton Monster there. Now there are more. I wonder what they're doing. Warning to the player
445 00582A52 What's worse than a Grafton Monster squatting at some place you want to check out? How about a cluster of them. Yeah. You heard me. It's that bad. Warning to the player
446 00582A54 Expect to run into a nest of Gulpers at this place. Can't give you an exact number on account of how fast they breed. Warning to the player
447 00582A55 Ever wonder what a group of Gulpers sound like gulping at once? You just might get your chance. This place is apparently infested. Warning to the player
448 00582A56 Heard this place is packed with Gulpers. Never heard of those things before I got here. Kinda trying to pretend like they don't exist, to be honest.
449 00582A58 There's a whole hive of Honey Beasts here, so watch out. It might get... sticky. Dad jokes.
450 00582A59 Couple of traders were buzzing about this place recently. Said it was packed with Honey Beasts. Dad jokes.
451 00582A5A This place is jammed with Honey Beasts, so I hear. Best to buzz in there, deliver a stinger, and buzz out. Fast. Bee positive about it, though. He crammed as many dad jokes as possible into this one on purpose.
452 00582A5C I heard a Radtoad went into this area the other day and was... totally swarmed by a giant nest of Insects that nested there. Emphasis on the "totally" -- "toadally" ... GET IT? Dad jokes. This guy.
453 That Radtoad is probably very dead. So, at least try to be stealthier or healthier than one of them. Warning to the player
454 00582A5D Couple traders were buzzing with the latest news about this place. Apparently it's full of giant, gnarly Insects. Probably a nest. Warning to the player. Also a bit of a dad joke.
455 00582A5E This place is covered in giant Insects. I suggest covering yourself in sticky tape and rushing through the place repeatedly. See how that works. Warning to the player. Also a bit of a dad joke.
456 00582A60 Scavengers commented on this place recently. Said it was packed with Liberator bots, happened somewhat recently too. Unclear how many. Warning to the player
457 00582A61 What's a group of Liberators called? It's gotta be an "army" -- right? Well, that's what you're going to run into there. Warning to the player.
458 00582A62 Liberators. Tons of them. Probably guarding something. Warning to the player.
459 00582A64 There's a Mega Sloth family here. I feel kinda bad about it, honestly. Maybe you can just shoo them away? Warning to the player. Kinda sad about it because they are sort of cute?
460 00582A65 Heard there's at least one Mega Sloth here, but likely more. In a way, I admire them, you know. They really don't care about... well, anything. Thinking about it honestly
461 That's a damn reasonable motto to live by, I'd say. Admirable, he thinks
462 00582A66 I seriously doubt there's a word for a group of Mega Sloths since they don't really travel like that. I sort of want to call them a "bulk." Warning to the player. Also a bit of a dad joke.
463 Oh! Maybe it's a "congress" or... a "drama" of Mega Sloths? Anyway, this place has a ton of them. Just be warned. Warning to the player. Also a bit of a dad joke.
464 00582A68 Heard from someone earlier that this place stinks like fish butt. That means only one thing: Mirelurks. Well, or fish butts. Two things, I guess. Warning to the player. Also a bit of a dad joke.
465 00582A69 Heard a bunch of Mirelurks were breeding here recently. You know what that means. Warning to the player. Also a bit of a dad joke.
466 Do *not* go in this place smelling like a fertile Mirelurk. Warning to the player. Also a bit of a dad joke.
467 00582A6A Mirelurks. The whole place is full of them. You can almost smell them from here, actually. Warning to the player.
468 00582A6C Expect to run into Mole Miners here, but also expect that they'll expect that you've expected to encounter them. That's what I'd expect, anyway. Dad joke?
469 00582A6D Grahm stopped by a bit ago, said Chally got swarmed by some Mole Miners. Chally is fine. Mole Miners ran off and hid at this place, though. Says "Chally is fine" to calm the player if they were concerned. Grahm is a Super Mutant and Chally is his pack Brahmin
470 00582A6E There are some Mole Miners here. Know how I know? Well, a trader said he smelled molasses from a half mile away! Dad joke?
471 But, anyway... best not to worry about any potential for higher thought or signs of cultural complexity, just blast them away. Safety first, kid!
472 00582A70 What do you get when you cook up Mole Rat meat and bird eggs and cover it with spice? Dad joke
473 Squawk-a-molé! Yeah? No? Okay. Well, anyway, there are lots of Mole Rats here. Dad joke, seems proud of himself.
474 00582A71 What's the most popular game that one could play in a colony of giant, angry, bloodthirsty Mole Rats? Set up for a dad joke
475 Hide and squeak! Right? Right?! Also, running away from you, probably. Set up for a dad joke
476 00582A72 What makes the sound: "eek squeak ack squish" dozens of times? Set up for a dad joke
477 You bursting into this place and killing a colony of Mole Rats. Set up for a dad joke
478 00582A74 Heard some weird Mothman Cultists are gathering here. You need to get in there and squash whatever creepy shit they're doing, and squash them too. He doesn't like the cultists at all
479 00582A75 Place is utterly overrun with Mothman Cultists doing whatever it is they do. Just... break it up. You know, by breaking their skulls. He doesn't care about them at all.
480 00582A76 Mothman Cultists. Everywhere. I try to be all "live and let live" over here... but this Mothman Cultist stuff is over the top. Just end it. He's tired of their shit
481 00582A78 A scavenger told me she went to this place looking for some parts and ran into a... platoon... of Mr. Gutsies? A squad? A lot of them, anwyay. Wondering
482 00582A79 Heard there are a bunch of Mr. Gutsies around this location. Not sure how many are there, though. Warning the player
483 00582A7A Some Mr. Gutsies have taken up positions at this location and are defending it. Unclear why, but more arrive on a regular basis. Warning to the player
484 00582A7C Heard this place was teeming with all sorts of Mutations. Most folks either died or they up and ran from there, so I don't know more. Warning to the player
485 00582A7D A trader said this place stank and was full of weird noises. Hard to say exactly what it was, but it's had some Mutations breeding there before. Warning to the player
486 00582A7E Have you ever wanted to see a place packed full of assorted Mutations? Well, here's your chance. Warning to the player
487 00582A80 This place is packed with Protectrons. Nobody could tell me how many were there, or why, but there were a lot. Warning to the player
488 00582A81 Hunters reported seeing tracks for a bunch of Protectrons around this place. No scat though, turns out that most robots don't do that. Most. Warning to the player
489 00582A82 What do you call it when a bunch of ancient Protectrons gather in one predetermined location? Set up for a dad joke
490 Planned mobsolescence! Yeah? Right? Uh. Anyway, just... keep an eye out. mob + obsolescence, a joke. He's proud of himself. Not understanding the player's reaction, he just quickly shifts gears
491 00582A84 Bunch of Rad Ants in this area. Be warned. Also, while you're out there, ponder on this... Set up for a dad joke
492 Ever wonder why everybody started calling these things "Rad Ants"? Because we already had "Mut-Ants"! Dad joke
493 00582A85 I really don't know how you get Rad Ants. But this place has a ton of them. said with humor, as if the player knows how you get Rad Ants
494 00582A86 I hate just Rad Ants. I know this place is utterly crawling with them. Makes me shudder just thinking about it. One might say I'm antsy about it all. Dad joke at the end
495 00582A88 This place is a Radroach hotel and every room is at capacity. I'd suggest bringing your best squishin' boots. Grossed out
496 00582A89 Radroaches have infested this place. I just think of that sound of crinkling paper wings... crispy crackly little creepy legs. Ugh. Yuck. Be warned. Grossed out
497 00582A8A It's a Radroach party and you're definitely invited. You might even be the main course. Shuddering
498 00582A8C Radscorpions. They make for great tattoos, but that's about it. Sad day for you: there's a bunch at this place. Set up for a quick dad joke
499 Er, the actual giant beasts and not a bunch of tattoos. So I guess it's an even sadder day. Joke
500 00582A8D Trader friend saw some Radscorpion burrows around this place. Lots of them. Either it's one very confused Radscorpion, or a pack of them. Warning to the player
501 00582A8E Tons of Radscorpions here, I heard. Tons. It's unusual, so they're also probably more aggressive than normal. Just be warned. Warning to player
502 00582A90 I heard this place is hopping with huge Rad Toads. Get it?! Hopping?! Look. You get what Beckett's got on tap. Dad jokes
503 00582A91 Some traders said they heard a bunch of Rad Toad croaks. Like... Ribbit. Riiiibit. Ribbit. Ribbit. Riiiibit. Set up for a dad joke.
504 Gotta be some sort of Morse Toad right? It's a play on the phase "Morse Code"
505 00582A92 I heard a giant Rad Toad went to this place recently. I figure, it was either going there to spawn, or it was going to robbit! Rob it! Get it? Ha! Dad joke. He's so pleased with himself. Robbit = Ribbit
506 00582A94 Damn raiders. They got scared out of their last joint, and now they've taken hold of this place. Give them a proper Beckett salute, will ya? He hates raiders.
507 00582A95 Heard some locals got chased away by raiders after most of their stuff was stolen. Typical punk shit. You know what to do. He hates raiders.
508 00582A96 Heard a bunch of raider scum took this place over not too long ago. Should mean they aren't entrenched yet. Take advantage of that and wipe em out. He hates raiders.
509 00582A98 Some raiders used to be there, but they got chased out by a giant swarm of rats. I would have paid to watch that! Anyway, the rats are still there. He hates raiders.
510 00582A99 Trader passed by who specializes in dried rat meats, said she came up to this place and filled up her stock right away. She could rat-tire... retire! Had to pop in a dad joke in the end.
511 00582A9A This place is packed with tons of rats. Probably has been picked pretty clean by now, but you never know. General casual warning
512 00582A9C Folks saw some Robobrains here. Not sure how many. The tracks sort of merged together and hid their numbers. Casual warning
513 00582A9D Expect to encounter some Robobrains here. I heard they travel in a line. I bet it's more of a Robotrain when they do that. The dad jokes continue
514 00582A9E Some Robobrains claimed this place after their last spot got flooded recently. I heard they got completely brainwashed. Dad joke
515 00582AA0 Military bots are patrolling this location heavily, I heard. Unclear why, exactly, probably some ancient glitch in their programming. Word of caution
516 00582AA1 Trader said she was followed by a bunch of military robots shouting orders at her. Attention! Left! Left Right Left! That sort of thing. He's thinking this is an amusing scene in his head
517 Then they proclaimed that it was time to train and started shooting. She lost them in this place, so they're probably still there. End of his story
518 00582AA2 What do you call it when someone enters a place packed with military robots and then they get killed? Dad joke setup
519 Their pla-tomb! Get it? Platoon? Ok. Look, humor is all I have going for me sometimes. Dad joke
520 00582AA4 Trader saw a conga line of robots heading towards this place. Not sure what their intention is, but I'd assume they're hostile.
521 00582AA5 Dunno why, but a bunch of robots have been gathering at this place for a while. Heard they attacked a trader that approached. Just be warned. Warning
522 00582AA6 Scavengers have been trying to get into this place for a while. Lots of robots in here, and they're very aggressive. Casual warning
523 Is there a robot equivalent of huddling together for warmth? Maybe huddling for power conservation? Well, maybe that's what they're doing... He wonders.
524 00582AA8 Heard some Blood Eagles were shredded here recently by a mob of Scorched. Wish I could have seen that! He hates the blood eagles
525 00582AA9 Haven't heard anything unusual about this particular place, but I would expect it to be full of Scorched. Kinda normal for this area. He shrugs, could be.
526 00582AAA Haven't heard squat about this place, so I'm guessing it's full of Scorched again. It seems to get overrun frequently. He isn't sure
527 00582AAC Couple Sentry Bots were spotted in this area, not sure what they're up to. I heard it's best not to anthropormorphize them anyway. They hate that. Dad joke
528 00582AAD Some Sentry Bots ran a group of Blood Eagles out of there and took over. Bet it would have been fun to watch. The bots are still there, of course. Amused thinking of the blood eagles getting chased out.
529 00582AAE Heard about some Sentry Bots in that area. Unclear how many, but definitely several. Just be warned. Warning
530 00582AB0 Heard there was more than one Sheepsquatch at this place. Be warned... if you start counting them, you just might start to nod off. Counting sheep joke. He's pleased with himself.
531 00582AB1 There's a couple Sheepsquatch at this place, maybe a lot. If you head in, be prepared for a bleat down. Get it? Like a... beat down! Ha! Pun on the phrase "beat down" --- he is pleased with his terrible jokes
532 00582AB2 Some hunter said she heard noises like bunch of Sheepsquatch were gathering there. She didn't linger long. She only shears what she wants to shear. dad joke in the end. play on "She only hears what she wants to hear."
533 00582AB4 Sounds like there's Snally Gasters there. Hate those things.
534 00582AB5 I've heard a lot of chatter lately about this. From the sounds of it, I'd guess Snally Gasters.
535 00582AB6 From what I can gather, place has Snally Gasters. Don't get swallowed up.
536 00582AB8 Stingwings decided this was their new breeding pit for the season, I guess. There are probably tons there now. He's sorry you have to go there.
537 00582AB9 Couple Settlers nearly got killed at this place, said a massive swarm of Stingwings chased them away. They're pretty lucky, all things considered. Empathetic with the Settlers
538 00582ABA This place is teeming with Stingwings. Not my favorite. They're too fast for me, especially when they're riled up. And these apparently are. Warning
539 00582ABC I heard that a group of Super Mutants trashed the place recently. I bet they're still around. Traders have been just avoiding it. Passing along a warning
540 00582ABD Tons of Super Mutants at this place. I asked Grahm about it, he said to just leave them be. Said they had nice things, but wouldn't trade with him. Grahm is said like Grom
541 00582ABE Place is packed with Super Mutants. Here's a tactic you could try: in your deepest, gnarliest voice shout: "I got a treat for you!"
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