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The Beaver Creek Lanes terminal entries are entries found on terminals within Beaver Creek Lanes in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.

Terminal (front desk)Edit


Welcome to RobCo Industries (TM) Termlink

League Standings, Rules and SchedulesEdit

Bar Harbor League RulesEdit


The Official Bar Harbor Bowling League 2078

League handicap works as the following:
220 - Bowler's Raw Average x 0.9 = Handicap

We are trying out including a negative handicap at the request of our reigning champion to give everyone an equal footing and provide extra challenge for top level players.

2078 Bar Harbor League StandingsEdit


2078 Bar Harbor League Standings

1. Who gives a split?
2. Neanderballs
3. Holy Rollers
4. King Pins
5. Alley Cats
6. Unbowleavable
7. Scared Splitless
8. Time to Spare
9. Pushpins
10. Gutter Dusters

Bowler Scores and HandicapsEdit


Bowler Name..|Games|Average|Handicap|Adjusted|Best
Allen, James....42..134.......77......211.....153
Davis, Thomas...17..244.......-21.....223.....299
Jones, Grace....56..127.......83......210.....133
Miller, Zachary 62..178.......37......215.....210
Miller, Hannah..62..182.......34......216.....208
Pelletier, Ava..36..165.......49......214.....172
White, Jabob....22..214.......5.......219.....255
Young, Madison..73..98........109.....207.....112
Martin, Samuel..53..155.......58......213.....194
Stevens, Matt...82..191.......26......217.....242
Cla7k, Lo#6n....56p 2q2.......210.....Cla7k...8
mPpx&w, h@t%....-25 4^?.......gr7.....<w6>....qQ

.File Corruption Detected.

Employee MemosEdit

12/8/2076 - Vim Machine being marked out of order?Edit


Vim Machine being marked out of order?
Date: 12/8/2076

I've brought it up several times during the staff meeting, but this is the 5th time this year that the Vim Machine has stopped working. The repair guy said this time someone shoved gum up into the dollar slot. Jan at the Bar Harbor Museum said she was having a similar problem with vandalism and again only with the Vim machine. If you notice any suspicious behavior from patrons near the machine, let Mark, Matt or Daisy know awayIcon sic so we can ban the persons responsible.

Mark spilled the beans about the going away party and I just wanted to say I'm really flattered guys. Working here with all of you has been one of the best parts of my life and I'm going to miss you all a lot when I'm deployed. Dunno where they are sending me yet, but I know my ship is leaving out of Hawaii so I'll send you all some pineapples if you promise not to try to bowl with them! Mrs. Miller is bringing her famous Fried Fiddleheads for the party and we need to know how much to buy, so make sure people know to RSVP.

Thomas Davis
Private First Class
2075 & 2076 Bar Harbor Bowling League Champion
Total ladies maaan stop it dais I cn wwrite wathver I want you cant stop me!!!1

7/02/2077 - Update on ThomasEdit


Update on Thomas
Date: 7/02/2077

Hey guys, I talked with Daisy and she wanted me to pass along what she found out. This is what she heard from her aunt and uncle so I don't really have much more to go on than what she was told. Apparently his destroyer went down some time in April, around when he stopped sending us postcards, but the Navy is really tight lipped about what happened. He was MIA till about two weeks ago, but they were waiting to contact his parents till they knew if he was going to pull through or not.

Good news first. He's alive and they are sending him home with a medal for bravery and an honorable discharge. We don't know exactly when, but it sounded like some time this year. Okay, now the bad news. Thomas has some kind of spinal injury and the doctors say he will probably never walk again. He may never be able to bowl again either.

Daisy is going to be out for a couple more days, but she wanted me to tell you all thanks for being there for her, and for keeping up hope.

Mark Wilson, Asst. Manager

10/06/2077 - Dining area off limitsEdit


Dining area off limits till 10/28
Date: 10/06/2077

Sorry about all the mess and commotion in the dining area everyone. Matthew and I talked with Mr. Clark and he's not going to sue, he understands it was a mishap. He wasn't hurt, just shook up. All of his games and half his beer tab are on the house till further notice. The insurance adjuster will be coming by some time tomorrow and may ask you some questions regarding the hole and the accident. Just let him know that Matthew and Mark were working on repairing the mechanism from one of the ball returns and it went haywire.

In better news, I'Ve gotten word that Thomas will be returning early December. Mark and I are working on building a temporary ramp for his wheelchair till Matthew can get a permanent one installed. On the plus side, I guess you could say the launcher was a success, so we may be able to get our league champion back on the lane after all!

After a few more tweaks of course. ;)

Daisy Davis, Asst. Manager

10/19/2077 - Closed until further noticeEdit


Closed until further notice
Date: 10/19/2077

The structural engineer says the building is unsafe but she won't know if it can be repaired or if the whole building has to come down till the debris is cleared out. I'm talking with the insurance company to see if there is any sort of emergency wages we can get for you but they are fighting me pretty hard. I'll gather up as much as I can out of your lockers and bring them and your final paychecks to the coffee shop tomorrow at noon. I've added a little extra to your checks, I wish it could be more, but it's all I've got till the insurance pays out. Mark, Daisy and I will give you all references if you need to find other work. I don't know how long the lanes are going to be closed, but don't think we're giving up. We'll do a fundraiser or something if we have to, and when we reopen, we'll be happy to have any of you back.

Matthew Stevens, General Manager

Terminal (office)Edit


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink

No luck with the ball returnEdit


Okay, so Mark and I had to scrap the lane return launcher idea.

Getting the wheel up to the speed we wanted was just sanding flat edges into the balls that threw off the balance and was ruining them. We were talking with some of the old timers and Jacob said we should just get one of them Fat Man catapults and use that. So we talked to a guy, who knew a guy that knows a guy. Cut to the chase, we're out a couple tanks of gas, but we found one at an old surplus center out in the willywacks. Not sure if it's entirely legal, but hey we're only gonna kill pins with it, so what the hell right?

That was close!Edit

Adds the modified bowling ball schematic to the player's Pip-Boy inventory.


So first the good news. The launcher is working. We were having trouble with the balls getting caught in the launch tube, but shaving down the polyurethane on the balls a smidge and putting a fresh coat of wax polish on it has it launching them wicked fast!

The Bad News is that we forgot to reduce the tension springs and the first ball we launched flew straight through the wall of the office and stoved-in a table in the dining area! Damn near took out Mr. Clark with it! Knocked him clean outta his chair. We'll have to tune the power down a bit before giving it to Thomas. Also every ball he uses will have to be altered to work with the launcher, but it shouldn't be too hard to do.

> Safe ControlEdit


Safe Lock Mechanism Status: UNLOCKED/LOCKED

Disengage LockEdit


...Checking Clearance..........
...Locking Mechanism Disable..

Engage LockEdit


...Checking Clearance..........
...Locking Mechanism Enable...

Play TapeEdit

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