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Help Luca infiltrate a cultist camp and retrieve his stolen cargo!

Event: Beasts of Burden is a public event in Fallout 76, introduced in the Once in a Blue Moon update. It has a recommended player level of 50.

Quick walkthrough[]

  • Listen to Luca Costa's instructions and enter the cultist camp.
  • Retrieve Luca's explosives from defeating cultist sanctifiers and place them on eight (8) shack doors (Duration 5 minutes).
  • Once completed, get clear of the doors (Duration 10 seconds).
  • Collect cargo from the crates around the camp and load up the Brahmin with twenty (20) pieces (Duration 5 minutes).
  • Defeat the legendary Ogua that has emerged (Duration 4 minutes). The event will complete after it is killed.

Detailed walkthrough[]


Event Success

Quest stages[]

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Talk to LucaLuca Costa from Blue Ridge has put out a call for help after cultists ambushed him with a fake trade deal. I should head to Cranberry Glade and see what he needs.
Listen to instructions
Head toward the cultist campI've agreed to help Luca get back his cargo, as well as his pack Brahmin, "Moona Lisa", from the cultist encampment before Blue Ridge finds out what's happened. I've got to head to the camp.
Retrieve Luca's Explosives from Cultist SanctifiersAfter reaching the camp Luca explained some of the goods were weak homemade explosives that the Cultist Sanctifiers seem to be carrying. Apparently they should be able to blow the doors off the shacks.
Place Luca's Explosives on shack doors - (#/#)
Get clear of the doors!
Collect Cargo from Cargo CratesLuca managed to detonate the explosives, so I can start grabbing Cargo and loading up Moona Lisa. The Cargo's pretty tricky to carry, so I'll have to move it one at a time. The cultists aren't happy about it.
Load up the Brahmin with Cargo (#/#)I've helped load up the Brahmin, but it seems like Luca's explosives angered something from the swamp, and it's not looking like it's going to leave us alone without a fight.
Defeat the Ogua!Ogua Death
I helped Luca get all of his cargo back, and survived that strange creature. Luca's heading off to Blue Ridge now that he won't get in trouble. Hopefully he learns to be more discerning with his customers in future.