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You bastard. I kill you slow for that

Beastlord commander was one of the three Beastlord leaders (Duff being the second, and the third was an unnamed woman in the power station) who were in charge of the attack on Quincy in 2197.


Beastlord commander resided in Hillary Eastwood's house and kept the key to her room. He was one of the first to be killed by the Brotherhood of Steel squad led by the Warrior. While being one of the Beastlords he looked quite different from his tribal comrades, being much more "civilized". In fact, he appears more like a raider.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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Notable quotes

  • "Your ancestors have deserted you."
  • "Do not let me shame myself in death."
  • "Your magic is powerful"
  • "You bastard. I kill you slow for that"
  • "Ancestors, I'm coming"


The Beastlord commander appears only in Fallout Tactics