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Bear Force One is the presidential vertibird of the New California Republic.[1] It is a unique vertibird used by the New California Republic to transport its presidents.


Currently, Aaron Kimball uses it to travel to his various speeches, meet and greets, and other appointments. It is well armored and closely guarded when upon the ground. The aircraft has a high Damage Threshold. The aircraft suffers frequent flight control problems, however, and constantly needs its flight computer fine-tuned by a skilled engineer.

Painted on the side of Bear Force One is the NCR bear logo. The vertibird is the same model as the ones seen elsewhere but possesses a unique paint job, including golden NCR logos. Shooting or aiming at the vertibird will result in being attacked by nearby NCR forces.



It only appears during the quests You'll Know It When It Happens and Arizona Killer. The aircraft flies in from over the northwestern ridge near Hoover Dam, landing on the visitor center.


  • If one activates the vertibird before the engineer gets near it, the text is "the Presidential Vertibird."
  • It is the only aircraft in the game that can be shot down by the anti-aircraft gun atop Hoover Dam.

Behind the scenesEdit

"Bear Force One" is a reference to the U.S. presidential airplane "Air Force One" and the two-headed bear symbol of the NCR.


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