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Then I'll defer to your superior appraisal of character and prowess in contests of arms and see you outside!

Deputy Beagle is the deputy of Primm in 2281.


Beagle was deputized by Sheriff McBain about two and half months[1] before the attack on Primm, on account of being brother to the sheriff's wife.[2] As a deputy Beagle decided that discretion was the better part of valor and started observing the convicts and taking notes and witnessed a meetup between Benny, the Great Khans and Powder Gangers. While taking his audio log he was noticed and made his escape.[3] Not long afterward, escaped convicts snuck into the town at night and killed the Sheriff and Beagle's sister in their sleep. Beagle was asleep in the office but woke up just in time to witness the murder. While cowardly hiding in the corner of the office he was caught and thrown into the kitchen as a hostage.[4] This event was also witnessed by Sergeant McGee who was on scout, however, he chose not to act, instead citing lack of a long rifle and proper orders.[5] The Powder Gangers tortured Beagle while he was captured. He couldn't resist the torture and told them the little he knew about the town and has since remained their hostage for ransom, but no one in town can pay the price the convicts are asking.[2][6][7]

The deputy is not treated seriously by the other denizens of Primm, on account of his lack of common sense, intelligence, and general usefulness.[2] He tries to cover it up by using a gentlemanly demeanor and a sophisticated vocabulary that he more often than not mispronounces.[8][9][10] This would be fine if Beagle did his job well, but Beagle is also a lazy coward who's unable or unwilling to defend himself or others without help; always seeking out excuses to not be proactive with law enforcement[9] and leaving things half-finished.[11] Even when it comes time to step up and become the town sheriff, Beagle pushes a job of actual weight off on to someone else[12] so he can stay a deputy.[13] This is probably for the best as Beagle even opines several times that a quality a sheriff should have is bravery.[14][15] Justifiably, his unwillingness to become sheriff bites him in the end and he is deposed as deputy no matter who is ultimately made sheriff of Primm.[16]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is a temporary companion.
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This character starts quests.
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This character is involved in quests.


  • They Went That-a-Way: Beagle has some knowledge about the men who shot the Courier, and directs them to the town of Novac.
  • My Kind of Town: Deputy Beagle says that he and Primm need a sheriff to keep the chain-of-command intact, so he asks the Courier to find a decent sheriff while offering suggestions to who would fit the job well.

Effects of player's actions

At the conclusion of the quest My Kind of Town, regardless of who becomes the new sheriff, he loses the rank of deputy sheriff, or in his own words becomes "just a Beagle."

Other interactions

  • Speaking to him in a Powder Ganger outfit will make Beagle think the player is a Powder Ganger, but he will see through the disguise the very next line.
  • Beagle must be rescued in order to progress to the quests mentioned above, even if Beagle dies during or after the rescue both quests can still be completed.
  • With a Speech check of 25, it is possible to convince Deputy Beagle to assist in clearing the Bison Steve Hotel of convicts, after which he will follow the Courier around inside the hotel and help out in combat. He will stop following as soon as the Courier exits the hotel.
  • With a Speech check of 40, he will tell the Courier the information for They Went That-a-Way before exiting the hotel.
  • If Beagle has been convinced to join the Courier after passing the above Speech check, he will become a temporary companion until the Courier leaves the Bison Steve Hotel.


Apparel Weapon Other items
Leather armor 9mm pistol Deputy Beagle's journal


  • Similar to permanent companions, Beagle will not accept any attempts to give him Powder Ganger apparel, even by pickpocketing. Doing so will result in him dropping the item to the ground. This effect is limited only to Powder Ganger apparel; he will accept apparel from any other faction, including Caesar's Legion and the NCR.
  • Any items transferred into his inventory while he is a temporary companion will become his upon leaving the Bison Steve Hotel, making the only options to retrieve them either pickpocketing or looting his corpse.
  • He will equip and use a weapon if one round of ammunition is provided. He will not actually expend ammo.
  • Beagle doesn't seem to be particularly bothered by his sister's death and only gives it a passing mention.
  • After the Vikki and Vance Casino opens for business, he can be found sitting on a chair for an indefinite amount of time near an old gas station near three houses, one of them being his own.
  • Beagle's journal is available to take directly from his inventory, without consequence, if he is given the option to take a weapon when opening a conversation.
  • If Beagle is damaged by the Courier while he is still tied up (e.g. by splash damage from a mine or grenade) he will turn hostile but remain inert. If this occurs by accident, leaving the Bison Steve and returning in a few days will restore his friendly state, allowing one to proceed without killing/robbing him.
  • It is possible to set Beagle on fire while he's still tied up, turning him hostile (but still inert), then have a normal conversation in his hostile state as he burns. If his health depletes entirely during the conversation, he will not die until the conversation ends.

Notable quotes


Deputy Beagle appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 Beagle's voice may be different when he speaks with the Courier nearby but without initiating dialogue, he may even change to a female voice. [verified]
    • This may happen after the Courier leaves the Bison Steve Hotel.
  • PCPC Ask him "Can you tell me about the people who passed through town now?" then presented with a Speech (40) check option telling him "You can tell me or you can rot in here". After passing the check, you can ask him "Can you tell me about the people who passed through town now?" again, and you will be presented with the Speech (40) check again and again. Each time you pass you will earn roughly 36 XP, and the option will never go away as long as he is NOT released. This works even after a test reload. [verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 Beagle will sometimes get stuck in the ceiling of the Vikki & Vance Casino. Going out of the casino should fix this. [verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 Beagle may stop following the Courier and get stuck in the doorway if they travel to the second floor of the Bison Steve Hotel, as this is considered "outside" of the actual Hotel's cell. [verified]
  • PCPC Xbox 360Xbox 360 If Beagle dies after being rescued, his ragdolled corpse may appear inside the Vikki & Vance Casino entrance randomly. [verified]



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  15. The Courier: "What are the qualifications for a Sheriff?"
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    (Beagle's dialogue)
  16. All endings of quest My Kind of Town lead to him no longer being the deputy.