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Beacon Hill apartments (named apartments in-game) is an unmarked location in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston in 2287.


The location consists of a pair of small tower apartment buildings, with only the interior of the south building accessible. The interior (labeled "apartments" in-game) consists of four floors, with a narrow stairwell and a large number of empty beer and liquor bottles. The top floor has a sleeping bag, a bed, and an exit to the roof. On the roof, a bridge crosses to the roof of the otherwise inaccessible north building, which features a steamer trunk, an Advanced-locked safe, an ammo box, and a sleeping bag.

Notable loot

  • Overdue book - On the top floor of the building interior, in the fridge.
  • Bottlecap mine - On the top floor of the building interior, in the shower.

Related quest


There is a cut map marker named "Tower Apartments" that places the player character at this location, but it is never seen in-game.


Beacon Hill apartments appears only in Fallout 4.