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Bawls Guarana Corporation was a pre-War energy drink manufacturer, only active in Texas and known for its drink with a guarana flavor called Bawls Guarana.


Bawls Guarana started as the brainchild of a then college graduate of 20 years named Hoby Buppert, who was looking for an alternative to coffee in 1997. As part of a class project, he came up with a carbonated and non-alcoholic beverage made with guarana, a highly caffeinated berry native to the Amazonian rainforest. Named for the caffeinated "Bounce" it gives, it which contains a natural form of caffeine nearly three times stronger than that found in traditional sodas.

Looking for a place to settle, Hoby Buppert chooses Texas, a quiet place, conducive to the growth of guarana. The company markets its drinks only in Texas forever, never looking to emigrate because of the market leader, Nuka-Cola. But before the Great War, Bawls Guarana concluded a lucrative contract with Vault-Tec, which wanted to build the Secret Vault in Texas. They sponsored the construction and only its product was allowed in the vault, at the expense of Nuka-Cola, nonexistent in this region.

Known products

Bawls Guarana

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Bawls Guarana, although not very popular anywhere else, settle its market in Texas before the Great War and never extends its business somewhere else, mainly due to the creation and rise of Nuka-Cola become the leader market of drinks in the United States. After the war, Bawls Guarana is the most popular drink around Texas.


The products of the Bawls Guarana Corporation only appear in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.

Behind the scenes

Real-world Bawls official site.