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The Battle of Rockland was a battle fought between the Capital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel and the Enclave in the year 2277. The Brotherhood of Steel aimed to capture the facility and sever the Enclave's communications, as well as track down the location of their new headquarters.


Head Scribe Rothchild and the rest of the Brotherhood became curious about how even with Raven Rock destroyed, the Enclave was still able to communicate and coordinate their scattered forces. He and his scribes tracked down the sources of their broadcasts to a facility in Rockland. Paladin Tristan, the new leader of the Lyons' Pride, led his soldiers to Rockland to prepare for an assault on the facility alongside Liberty Prime. That day, the Lone Wanderer awoke from their coma after the Battle of Project Purity. The Lone Wanderer was then briefed on the recent developments and sent to the facility to assist Tristan.


Before the Lone Wanderer arrived, the Pride raided the car tunnel and killed the Enclave personnel inside. When the Lone Wanderer arrived, Tristan led the assault force outside into the yard leading to the satellite station. Liberty Prime arrived out of a nearby ridge and took point, leading the force to the satellite station, slaughtering the Enclave soldiers lying in his path. Once the team arrived outside the satellite station, Prime detected an orbital missile strike and ordered the Pride to vacate the area. Suddenly, missiles from the Bradley-Hercules satellite rained down upon Liberty Prime, destroying him. The base's purpose became clear. Tristan ordered the Lone Wanderer and the team to raid the facility and uncover whatever information they could on what had happened.

Operations Officer Paladin Edwards led the team through the facility. After clearing out the entire complex, the Lone Wanderer discovered a terminal holding encrypted telemetry data, holding the location of the Enclave's headquarters. The Lone Wanderer escaped the building and headed back to the Citadel, handing the data to Rothchild.


Liberty Prime's remains were carried back to the Citadel. With him destroyed, the Brotherhood's last option to counter the Enclave's vertibird was the Tesla cannon project. Rothchild later decrypted the telemetry data and discovered that Adams Air Force Base became the Enclave's new headquarters.


The Battle of Rockland appears in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel.

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