The Battle of Huntersville was the decisive assault on the super mutant-entrenched town of Huntersville in 2086, staged by the Responders and Brotherhood of Steel to cull their aggressive force.


By October 2082, the Responders were aware of the super mutant threat near Huntersville. Despite heavy munition requests from the Brotherhood, the Responders were still able to attempt to contain the hostile mutants.[1] However, after the Christmas Flood in December 2082, the strength and number of the Responders was drastically reduced.[2]

The group took what little remaining supplies they had and migrated north to the Morgantown Airport, far from the mutant stronghold. With the sudden lack of Responder presence and patrols in the region, groups of super mutants were able to move further into the Forest, settling in Summersville, the newly-uncovered New Gad, and parts of the Charleston ruins.

After rebuilding at the airport and seeing the danger that the super mutants posed to Appalachia's inhabitants, the Responders joined forces with the Brotherhood to prepare to eliminate the threat at its source.[3] In March 2086, super mutant conflicts near Huntersville began to intensify, causing basic training at Camp Venture to be rushed for new Brotherhood recruits.[4][5]

The Battle

In May 2086, after a rousing speech from Brotherhood leader Paladin Elizabeth Taggerdy, the allied forces launched their attack on the city.[3] The battle against the mutants was strenuous and costly, with losses inflicted on the Brotherhood and Responders. Ultimately, the allied forces were victorious in eradicating the mutants from Huntersville.[6]


By June 1, the campaign against the super mutants was over, with Paladin Swafford, Squire De Silva, and at least five others killed.[7][8][9] High Elder Roger Maxson, founder of the Brotherhood of Steel, congratulated the united forces for their effort and chose to write a eulogy for Squire De Silva.[6][10]

The Brotherhood temporarily occupied the town, setting up barriers and a small recon station. The alliance's increased patrols in the region further suppressed raider activity, allowing for caravans to more readily travel between the Forest and the Mire.[7]


The Battle of Huntersville is mentioned and its aftermath appears only in Fallout 76.


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