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Battle Brew is a consumable item in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.


Battle Brew was created by Dr. Mori, a Big MT research scientist at the X-13 research facility.[1] After an argument with Dr. Calis, Mori was forced to move the supply to a storage room in the facility.[2]


Battle Brew is a potent concoction made from vodka, mutant cave fungus, and Salient Green. The mixture grants no Charisma bonus but provides healing and greater resistance to injury. In essence, Battle Brew acts as a combination of Med-X and stimpaks. In addition, consuming this applies a separate effect named "Red Mist," which lasts for 20 seconds and grants +40 action points and an additional +1 Strength. Contrary to the (longer) Strength bonus, this one stacks with other alcoholic beverages.


This item can be crafted by the player character.

Creation requirements

vodka (1)
Icon range
Old World Blues add-on
Icon level
Battle Brew (1)
¹ Can also be crafted at the strange still located in the X-13 research facility without the Survival skill check


  • A strange cask can be found on a hill (outside the fence) just northwest of the X-7b "Boom Town" target zone, close to the Guns skill book recipe. Inside and on top of the cask are four bottles of Battle Brew.
  • A second strange cask containing three bottles is opposite the strange still in the X-13 research facility.
    • A bottle is lying on the forcefield in the ceiling of the same room. Shooting the forcefield with an upgraded sonic emitter will drop the Battle Brew into the room.


  • Despite being shown as alcohol on the Pip-Boy's effect interface, Rose of Sharon Cassidy's perk Whiskey Rose does not remove the negative effects (-1 Intelligence). It is unknown if this is a bug or an oversight.
  • If used in combination with Med-X and Slasher, the player character can reach 85 DR.
  • Drinking Battle Brew gives the player character's vision a red tint for a short time.
  • Even though it can be crafted by the Courier, Battle Brew has its own unique world model.


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