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Sorry I tricked you, but thanks for clearing out the Geckos. Now I can get to that stash up there...after I deal with you.

Barton Thorn is a prospector living near Goodsprings in 2281.


Not much is known about Barton or his motives, but he tries to deceive the Courier by telling them to kill the geckos on the ridge, to save "his girl." Afterward, he tries to kill the Courier in order to retrieve a treasure stashed at the ridge overlook.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

This character starts quests.


Barton the Fink: Barton will confront the player character west of the camper in the area with the campfires, where Sunny Smiles teaches the Courier how to make healing powder. He will ask for the player character to save his girl, who is trapped by geckos on the ridge above.



  • All of his equipment is generated randomly. Some early-game useful outfits he may carry include but are not limited to, the roving trader outfit or any one of the various mercenary outfits. He also carries one or more randomly generated weapons.
  • When shooting his initial weapon from his hand, he will take out an additional randomly generated weapon to replace it.
  • Barton Thorn can be killed with no Karma loss.
  • Barton Thorn does not spawn until the Courier leaves the tutorial area around Goodsprings.
  • He may not always be alive upon arrival at Goodsprings source. The Powder Gangers and geckos that spawn nearby sometimes kill him before the Courier reaches his position.
  • Barton Thorn, if still alive, can always be found around the trailer and campfire near the location at the end of the tutorial missions, but if missed there, he may appear anywhere in the general area of Goodsprings source, which doesn't always make his directions clear. "Past the broken radio mast" is only valid if the Courier engages him north of said radio mast.
  • If Thorn is found beyond the trailer, going to him may trigger the one-time menus for redoing the Courier's looks and specs, as will following his instructions to go up the hill by the broken radio mast. The simplest action is to just kill him.
  • With the Animal Friend perk, killing the geckos is not necessary, as they will not be hostile to the Courier. Thorn will none-the-less say, "Thanks for clearing out the geckos for me" as if they had done so. The geckos could potentially kill Thorn immediatly after he says this.
  • If Barton is left alive long enough, he will change his outfit.


Barton Thorn appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenesEdit

The G.E.C.K. nicknames him 'Geckoman'.

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