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The barbershop is a room built in Fallout Shelter. It was added by the update 1.4.


The barbershop is a room where dwellers can change their hairstyle, hair color and facial features. Each upgrade allows for small additional upgrades. Unlike other production rooms, the Barbershop is placed as one room that takes up two room spaces. Hair style and facial features are consistent from dweller to dweller, but hair color doesn't follow the same pattern. Grey hair can be color 1 for one dweller, but color 5 or 6 for another.

Facial Features include additions, such as hats or portions of outfits, such as the hockey mask from the Horror fan outfit. It is also possible to change a dweller into a Ghoul with the Features characteristic.

The dweller's charisma affects how long the change will take. The higher charisma, the shorter time.


Level 1: 10,000 Level 2: 50,000


The barbershop has 2 levels to upgrade, unlike other rooms. The first basic level only allows one to customize a Dweller's hair and hair color. The second upgrade which costs 50,000 caps, allows customization of a dwellers facial features including glasses, facial hair, and hats. It also changes the name of the room to "Salon".


# Color
1 Tan
2 Reddish brown
3 Brown
4 Brownish gray
5 Deep gray
6 Silver-white
7 Light blonde
8 Medium gray
9 Natural brown
10 Light yellow
11 Light orange
12 Reddish orange
13 White
14 Red
15 Orange
16 Yellow
17 Green
18 Blue
19 Indigo
20 Purple
21 Magenta
Hairstyles of Woman
# Hairstyles
1 Rooster cut
2 Chin-length #1
3 Ponytail
4 Bob cut
5 Lob cut
6 Pigtail #1
7 Wavy bob
8 Shingle
9 Shingle with bangs
10 Layered curly #1
11 Pixie #1
12 Chin-length #2
13 Pigtail #2
14 Cornrows
15 Pixie #2
16 Asymmetric #1
17 Asymmetric #2
18 Bun
19  ?


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