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Barbara Elizabeth was the last pre-War mayor of the city of Watoga. Her corpse is present in the mayor's office in the Watoga Municipal Center. With her demise, Watoga finally succumbed to the lawlessness of the wasteland and the actions of the Saboteur.


Watoga had an unusual way of governance, appointing random citizens to the office of mayor for an undefined period of time. Barbara Elizabeth served as the city's 134th and last mayor appointed before the Great War.

A music teacher before her appointment, Elizabeth was faced with the evacuation of Watoga's citizens following both the saboteur's actions and the devastation of the Great War. She did all she could, but noted that she simply wasn't cut out for the task of dealing with such chaos, describing Watoga as a "dead city" with "people literally running around on fire" in her terminal entries.[1]

Her terminal entries reveal she tried to locate the saboteur to negotiate with them, but was severely injured during her search. Although she managed to make it back to her office and have one final conversation with MAIA, she eventually succumbed to these injuries and died.

As a precaution before her search, she issued an executive order for the automated mayoral selection process to appoint anyone who entered her office as a "Mayor for a Day" to finish her job if she failed, and ordered MAIA to reward whoever took up her mantle with the contents of a supply cache as a reward for doing so. The cache contains eight stimpaks, three blood packs, and thirteen pre-War money.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Patched suit Random chems
Pre-War money


Mayor for a Day: She posthumously tasks the player character to assume the office of mayor of Watoga for one day and to locate and deal with the saboteur, offering them her supply cache as a reward.


Barbara Elizabeth appears only in Fallout 76.