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Every day I go into work, and I think about how humanity can survive a nuclear event that WILL wipe out 90% of life on Earth, and I come home, and you're talking to me about hiding out in a ranch up in Bakersfield! You know, I don't even know what planet you're on sometimes, Coop.— Barb to her husband

Barb Howard is the ex-wife of Cooper Howard and the mother of Janey Howard, as well as a high-ranking executive of the Vault-Tec Corporation in the Fallout TV series.


It is unknown where and when Barb met Cooper, but he mentions he fell in love with her because of her resolve to always try to do what she believes is right.

During the Sino-American War, her husband was deployed. Barb stayed in America and was worried every day whether or not Cooper would return alive, dreading every time she opened a letter, and she would always try to be within distance of her home phone.

Barb mentions she has worked hard for her family to ensure they have a special Vault-Tec Vault for management, where they will oversee all the other Vaults. However, while she knew Bud Askins, it is unknown if she was part of Bud's Buds.

Learning of Barb's involvement in the corporate conspiracy drove a complete rift between them. Cooper stopped working for Vault-Tec, and they divorced, sharing custody of their daughter. Cooper was ordered by the court to make alimony payments to his ex-wife.

She was not present at Roy Spencer's birthday party on the day of the Great War, which Cooper and Janey attended, making Barb's survival unclear.

Fallout TV series[]

The Head[]

Barb appears to Cooper after he is finished filming a movie scene. She tells him how much she enjoys lavender. She gives Cooper a Vault jumpsuit to advertise the Vaults and watches Cooper give a thumbs up.

The Trap[]

After Cooper is done filming a Vault 4 ad, he kisses Barb, and she informs her about a wrap party at their house.

While relaxing in their hot tub, she denies the idea of Cooper getting their family away from Vault-Tec and city life. She shows Cooper her Pip-Boy 3000 Mark V and claims she needs this job because it will ensure them a spot in a good Vault, and asks Cooper to trust her.

While eating breakfast, Cooper and Barb debate a new rule stating that dogs will not be allowed in the Vaults.

The Radio[]

Barb comes inside to take her Pip-Boy. Although Cooper is reluctant initially, he decides to put a listening device on her Pip-Boy.

The Beginning[]

Barb arrives at Vault-Tec for work, walking beside Bud Askins. Using the listening device, Cooper hears Barb having a meeting with Robert House, Frederick Sinclair, Bud Askins, Julia Masters, and Leon Von Felden. Barb suggests that Vault-Tec should drop the first nuke to guarantee results for their shareholders.

In the present day, Cooper confronts Hank MacLean, asking him where his family is.


Whether she is a true believer in Vault-Tec's promises or a participant in a yet-to-be-revealed grand scheme remains a mystery.

Notable quotes[]

  • "I'm doing what I can, okay? Just... trust me. Please."
  • "But when the bombs drop, a 2-hour drive ain't gonna cut it. So yes, there will be no dogs in the Vault, and no, none of it is ideal. But if billions of people are going to lose their lives, I will do whatever it takes to make sure the people I love -- that is you and that is Janey -- aren't among them."
  • "By dropping the bombs ourselves." – Barb to Robert House
  • "A nuclear event would be a tragedy but also an opportunity. Perhaps the greatest opportunity in history because when we are the only ones left, there will be no one to fight. A true monopoly."
  • "This is our chance to make war obsolete. Because in our current societal configuration, which took shape without intentional guidance, we have friction. We have conflict, and we have war. And war, well... war never changes."


Barb Howard appears only in the Fallout TV series episodes "The Head," "The Trap," "The Radio" and "The Beginning."


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