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This is a transcript for dialogue with Barb.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
5 00535E56 0053C232 The hell do you want this time? Acting tough
91 0053C12A 0053C1E1 Whatever. Smell ya later.
119 0053C156 0053C20A Oh, for... Screw you! Pissed
120 0053C158 0053C1D2 Damn it, Meg's gonna be pissed. Scared.
121 0053C15A 0053C200 Yeah, yeah, I get it. Loud and clear! Scared.
122 0053C15C 0053C1C9 Lev's been building a hideout inside one of the cooling towers at Poseidon Power Plant. He's gotta be there.
123 He said he'd pay me if I kept an eye out for him, in case someone went looking for him.
124 That's all I know. Don't tell Meg. I swear I'll keep quiet!
125 0053C163 0053C20F Pff! That's it? You don't have shit on me. She knows she's guilty, but she's hoping to bluff the player, so she's feigning anger at the accusation.
126 0053C165 0053C1D6 Yeah okay, pal. A hunch. Haha! Why don't you come back when you've got a clue. Even if I did do it, that's not going to fly with Meg. She did it, but she's good at lying about it. she plays it off since the player doesn't give any convincing evidence.
128 0053C169 0053C1CD Fine, I hate talking about him.
132 0053C16D 0053C23A 'Cause it's true. Just last week, he stole some chems from Ae-Ri's store.
133 Instead of shutting up or pinning it on someone else, he caved after Ae-Ri asked him. Three times was all it took.
134 Did you do it? No. Did you do it? No. Did you do it? Yes. I mean, that's not exactly how it went down, but might as well have been. What an idiot. She's mimicking both sides of a conversation, with some contempt for her brother, who is answering yes or no here.
135 Now he's paying her back and then some.
136 0053C16F 0053C1F1 Good, 'cause I don't wanna talk about him anymore with you.
137 0053C171 0053C226 Psh. Axel? Hell no. Lev knows Axel is all bark and no bite. There's no way he'd trust Axel with anything important. She scoffs at the idea.
138 0053C173 0053C1E7 Okay, here's an example off the top of my head: Surge caught Axel's best friend, Creed, cheating at cards.
139 Things got real ugly, but Axel stepped in and claimed that he was the one who dealt Creed an extra ace.
140 Creed and I knew that was BS, but we let him do it.
141 Anyway, Surge kicked the shit out of Axel. So, he succeeded in taking the fall for Creed, but couldn't protect himself.
142 0053C177 0053C1DA You want to know about my brother? Creed's a coward, always has been. She answers the player, but she's wondering why this person is interrogating her. She doesn't hold Creed in very high regard.
143 0053C179 0053C207 A lot. Me and Axel are shacking up.
144 He's like a puppy dog who likes to think he can protect everybody, but he's not as tough as he thinks he is. She likes Axel, but she's also the dominant force in the relationship
170 0053C19F 0053C1E2 I'd only leave if I was guilty. If you're looking for the traitor, why don't you go ask Creed? Indignant. She did it but she's deflecting.
172 0053C213 Screw you. Based on what? Acting indignant, but she really is guilty.
189 0053C231 Yeah? What is it? Acting tough
234 0056DCC2 0056DD15 Molly doesn't know shit. How can she hear anything with the racket they make at her stupid bar? She know she's been caught, but she's still bluffing.
264 0056DCE5 0056DCFD He may have helped me survive the wasteland after our parents died, but he's always been a loser.
265 Always running, never standing up for himself. Getting us into trouble more often than getting us out of it.
266 Here we are, raiders of the Wasteland, and he refuses to go on any raids because he's too damned scared. Like I said: loser.
267 0056DCE7 0056DD14 I overheard you talking to Meg, so I'll answer your questions. Whatever it takes to get you to stop hasslin' me. I got nothin' to hide.
268 0056DCE8 0056DCFE You want to know about me? I dunno what to tell you. I work a lot, so no time for hobbies really.
269 I go on raids, do odd jobs around here. You know, whatever Meg needs me to do.
272 0056DCEC 0056DD02 Uh, I like long walks along nature trails and hate it when assholes like you ask too many questions.
273 0056DCEE 0056DCF7 OK! OK! God damn it! You got me to buckle like Creed! I'll tell you what I know! She's cracked under the pressure.
274 0056DCF0 0056DD07 Hmm... You've got a deal. You better not screw me over! She considers her options, and realizes she doesn't have much power in this, but she tries to assert herself anywat.
275 0056DCF2 0056DCFA Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait a god damned second! Really concerned for her own well-being. She knows she's been caught.
276 Say I was working for Lev, and I confessed. Meg'd probably exile me, and that's just as bad as death, because then Lev'd find me and kill me.
277 So if that were the case, why would I turn myself in?
278 0056DCF4 0056DD0A Let's imagine for a moment that I'm working with Lev, which I'm not, of course. She did it, she knows the player knows she did it, but she's not willing to admit it fully.
279 Say I were to confess, even if Meg wouldn't kill me, she'd exile me, and wouldn't that be just as bad? Lev'd find me and kill me.
280 You know, if I was the one. Emphasis on "if"
292 0056F9EA 0056FA46 Yo, thanks for doing me a solid and not killing me. Relieved, but cautious.
293 0056FA47 Hey, you're not going to tell Meg, are you? I swear I'm done with that creep, Lev. Cautious.
294 0056FA48 You sure scared me straight. I ain't sure I even want to stay here after all that.
295 0056FA49 If Meg ever asks where you got your information, promise me you'll make something up. I don't wanna end up a decoration outside! Afraid the player will tell Meg about her betrayal.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
18 0056F789 0058596F Hey. You're new here right? Word of advice. Don't get on our bad side. We tend to kill anyone who ain't with us.
19 00585970 I'm keeping my eye on you. Anything goes missing around here, and I'll know who to blame.
20 00585971 What's your problem?
21 00585972 Don't get any ideas or nothing. You do anything fishy, and we'll string you up as a warning to others.
22 00585973 My brother says the vault dwellers weren't supposed to ever come out their little holes, but what the hell does he know?
23 00585975 I really dodged a bullet with you back there. Lesson learned.
24 00585976 From now on, you're only gonna hear the truth from me. Especially after what everyone's saying you did to Lev and the others.
25 00585977 Meg still doesn't seem to know. You're not ever gonna tell her, right?
26 00585978 Hey, you need anything from me, you just say the word.
27 00585979 Boy oh boy, did I misjudge you before. We're cool now, right?
87 0059EEF6 So what did my screw up brother Creed do now?
102 0059F1FB Great. Thanks to that damn broadcast, we got all the rats crawlin' out of the woodwork. Considers the player one of the "rats".
307 0059EEEA 0059EEF2 Not if I see you first.
308 0059EEEB 0059EEF3 Yeah, they'll gut you like a fish and strip your corpse for caps, but at least they're up front about it.
309 Those Foundation settlers will gossip and lie about you behind your back. Before you know it, you have no friends.
310 Here, if I prove myself they won't judge me.
311 0059EEEC 0059EFF2 I came with Creed. We heard you could make your own fortune here and they didn't care where you came from.
312 0059EEED 0059EEEE Yeah. We've got each other's back. Of course I'm pulling his fat out of the fire most of the time. "Yeah" is said with a tired voice.
313 He tries, but I'm not sure he's tough enough to survive here on his own.