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The bandana is a piece of headwear in Fallout 76.


A bandana typically consists a square cloth of one main color with a pattern on itself. Residents tie them around their heads to cover the bottom half of their faces or for wrapping around a dog's neck.


  • Blue bandana
  • Camo bandana
  • Green bandana
  • Leopard print bandana
  • Red bandana
  • Skull bandana
  • Stars and Stripes bandana (Atomic Shop)
  • Striped bandana


  • These items can be found randomly throughout Appalachia, there does not seem to be any one location in which it will always spawn.
  • A blue bandana can be reliable found on New River Gorge Bridge - East on the cradle underneath the bridge.
  • A red bandana can be reliable found on Lady Janet's Soft Serve behind a teddy bear decorated to look as it is cooking two hotdogs on a grill.
  • Two may be found inside the wendigo cave.
  • Sold by vendors including Grahm.



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