The ballot box is a world object in Fallout 3 and can be found inside the Republic of Dave capitol building.


When the Republic is discovered by the Lone Wanderer, it is election time in the Republic and the residents are required to cast their votes into this box.


The box is locked and cannot be picked, nor is there a key that unlocks it. Dave possesses the only key, which does not appear in his inventory when he is killed or pick-pocketed. The only way to gain access to this box is to wait for Dave to open it during Election Day and access it quickly before the ballots are counted.

The ballot box serves no other purpose in the game except during the events of Election Day.

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  • Most of the citizens will react to you negatively whenever they see you near the box or trying to open the box, but they never become hostile towards you, even when you manage to take the contents out.
  • You can actually take the ballots out of the box by opening it the moment Dave unlocks it.


  • PCIcon pc Sometimes when you attempt to loot the box it will show 5 ballots for Dave only, but the game will think there is a ballot for Rosie as well. [verified]
  • PCIcon pc When removing all votes from the ballot box, Dave will see it as Rosie winning the election, however, if interrupted by the player, Dave will then say Bob has won, if interrupted a second time, he will say "Very well." and return to his office. [verified]
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