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The Bailey family cabin is a location in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia.


A small cabin, hidden in the remote wilderness of the Savage Divide, where a married couple (Henry and Nancy Bailey) lived out their lives. When Nancy died, Henry was never able to let go of the pain he felt, no longer wanting to live.[1]


When approaching the cabin facing north, there are two main structures in view, the cabin itself and a trailer. Going up the stairs to the deck and into the cabin, there is a bed to the left with a footlocker underneath it and a dresser to its side. To the right is a living area, as well as a stove and sink against the wall. A wood pile can be scavenged here.

Back outside, the trailer contains a fair amount of junk items, as well as a wooden crate and a duffle bag. Moving northeast from the trailer, there is a small picnic table near a destroyed barn. Further on, a small grave with three rocks as a headstone sits protected by some picket fences. South of the grave is an outhouse that has a trail leading back to the cabin.

Notable loot

  • Letter to my love - Note, on the bedside table inside the cabin.
  • Potential Vault-Tec bobblehead - Inside the trailer, on the metal shelving.
  • Potential magazine - Inside the cabin, near the sofa and TV, on the coffee table.
  • Potential recipe - On the floor of the cabin next to a stove.

Related quests


The Bailey family cabin appears only in Fallout 76.