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...This is Defender Morrill... Any Outcasts listening on this frequency, report to Sector 7-B, Bailey's Crossroads.Outcast distress signal

Bailey's Crossroads Metro is a small part of Washington, D.C.'s old metro system in the Fallout 3 add-on Operation: Anchorage. It is inhabited by feral ghouls and consists of one interior section. The location is added to the world map after the installation of the add-on.



Bailey's Crossroads Metro is located northeast of the Red Racer factory. Although the main entrance to the metro from the Capital Wasteland is blocked by rubble, it is possible to enter the metro through a service tunnel nearby.


The station consists only of a mezzanine with exits to the Capital Wasteland and Bailey's Crossroads.

There is a hidden area on the lower level of the metro. To the left from the bottom of the stairs, there is a mound of rubble with a train wreck, from which one can climb over revealing a target range as well as a bunkered area containing a BB gun and an assortment of other items; this can be found facing towards a makeshift mannequin holding a tray above its head with an assortment of items on top.

On the east side of the lower level, there's a cage where someone was left to die in a brutal way. The six bottles of water surrounding the cage indicates that the person was likely left to die of thirst, the just-out-of-reach bottles being present to taunt them, to the right there's a footlocker and a metal box next to a broken restroom where one will find a sawed-off shotgun and some shells. Another caged skeleton is hanging above the ticket booth, with some additional bottles of water nearby.


Bailey's Crossroads Metro appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Operation: Anchorage.