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Complete the automated Army training at Camp McClintock

Back to Basic is a main quest in Fallout 76. This quest can be started immediately after leaving Vault 76, but it will not lead to the next quest until One of Us has been completed.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Detailed walkthroughEdit

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Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Visit the Whitespring Military WingIt sounds like the bunker has a military wing, but that it requires some additional clearances. MODUS said I can pay it a visit to get more information.
? Register with the camp Master SergeantMODUS says the first step to gaining access to the Military Wing command center is completing the training regimen at Camp McClintock. Looks like it's time to enlist.
? Equip a set of FatiguesThe camp Master Sergeant said I need to track down and don a set of military fatigues and an Army helmet or find myself a "Uniform Voucher." I should look around, see if I can find one of those.
? Equip an Army Helmet
? (Optional) Search the area for a Uniform VoucherThe camp Master Sergeant said I need to track down and don a set of military fatigues and an Army helmet or find myself a "Uniform Voucher." I remember reading there might be one of those in the old barracks.
? (Optional) Search the barracks for Pvt. Archibald's Uniform VoucherIt seems one of the cadets left a Uniform Voucher in the barracks. I should go check and see if it's still there.
? (Optional) Collect your uniformI found the Uniform Voucher. Now I just need to go turn it in and collect my outfit.
? Present yourself to the Master SergeantHelmet and fatigues acquired. Now to put them on and check in with the Master Sergeant.
? Complete the Marksman Training CourseIt seems there are three courses I'm going to have to complete - Marksmanship, Agility, and Patriotism. I should get moving.
? Complete the Agility Training Course
? Complete the Patriotism Training Course
? Check-in with the Master Sergeant
? Complete the Live Fire ExerciseI finished the first set of courses. Now it seems I need to wrap up the final piece of my training - the Live Fire exercise. I should probably find some Stims or something.
?Icon checkReport to the Master SergeantThat's all of the training exercises! Now I just need to check in with the Master Sergeant to wrap up my graduation!

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