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Defend Steelheart as he patrols the streets of Morgantown.

Event: Back on the Beat is an event in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

  • Activate Steelheart.
  • Escort Steelheart to all three safe rooms.
  • Defend Steelheart while he tests the alarm. (Duration 60 seconds)
  • Escort Steelheart back to the recharging pod.

Detailed walkthrough

When the event starts, a radio signal will be picked up on the Pip-Boy 2000 Mark VI while in the vicinity of Morgantown. The radio message was pre-recorded by Sanjay Kumar, letting any nearby Responders know that Steelheart is fully charged and ready to begin its rounds to check the safe houses around town. Anyone willing to help needs to report to the Responder bot shop at the street crossing (95B) north of the campus of Vault-Tec University.

Once there, Steelheart needs to be activated by using the "Responders HQ" terminal inside the bot shop. It then begins its patrol around Morgantown by moving north, then east to stash room M-1. As Steelheart progresses toward each of the locations, feral ghouls attack along the way, with their only objective being to destroy Steelheart, in which case the quest automatically fails. Steelheart can fight back while on its way to the stash rooms, but the players need to help if Steelheart starts to get outnumbered and overwhelmed by the ghouls.

When arriving at stash M-1, Steelheart tests the alarm for one minute and unlocks the door to the stash room afterwards. During this time, it is vulnerable and does not fight back with its laser weapons or melee strikes, therefore, it is up to the player to defeat the additional waves of incoming feral ghouls. Note that this process repeats itself for the other two stash rooms as well.

Once the door is unlocked, Steelheart immediately begins moving east towards stash room M-2, and after unlocking the door there, moves south toward stash room M-3, which is located inside a bank building. After unlocking the last door at stash room M-3, Steelheart moves westward, back to the bot shop at the road crossing. Once there, it returns to its charging station and the event concludes, with rewards being handed out to all participants.

The doors to each stash remain open for a limited time once the event completes, with the player character being placed outside and the doors re-locking during a loading screen (e.g. when fast travelling.) Stash room M-3 has a large quantity of items available, with four Picklock level 2 locked safes along the wall of the back room. Stash rooms M-1 and M-2 contain minor junk and food items.

Quest stages

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
10:00 Activate SteelheartWe detected a Responders radio signal that led us to Morgantown, where a re-programmed Protectron called Steelheart was waiting to be activated.
Escort Steelheart to the first safe room.
Protect Steelheart while he tests the alarmWe activated the Responder Protectron called Steelheart, and he began to patrol the streets of Morgantown. He was programmed to test the alarm systems on Responder safe rooms, and then unlock them. If we can keep Steelheart alive, we can loot those stash rooms.
Escort Steelheart to the second safe room.
Protect Steelheart while he tests the alarm
Escort Steelheart to the Third safe room.
Protect Steelheart while he tests the alarm
Escort Steelheart to his recharging pod
We protected the Responder robot Steelheart until he finished his patrol of the Morgantown streets and unlocked the three Responder stash rooms.
We failed to protect the Responder robot Steelheart while he carried out his patrol of the Morgantown streets, and now the old robot is just a pile of scrap.



Unlike other radio signals heard when triggering an event quest, the same corresponding message appears as a listenable radio signal in the Pip-Boy.


  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Playstation 4Playstation 4 Steelheart's health bar is not displayed by the quest tracker interface.[verified]
  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Playstation 4Playstation 4 Some of Steelheart's voice lines can be heard from a far distance.[verified]