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[[Category:Fallout 4 locations]]
[[Category:Fallout 4 locations]]
[[ru: Бэк стрит аппарел]]

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Back Street Apparel is a location appearing in Fallout 4.


Multi-story building with a large first room that appears to have once been a store. It contains 2 tripwire traps, covering both access routes. There's a hole in the left wall that leads to the kidnapped settler for the quest Kidnapping at Greentop Nursery. The first floor has a hackable terminal (advanced), a locked safe (Advanced), an Armor workbench, and a locked cooler. The second floor has tight corners as well as a locked safe (master).

Notable loot


  • There is a teddy bear with glasses using the ground floor bathroom and reading the news paper.
  • If you successfully sneak in and don't interrupt, a raider will tell a story about a kid who is afraid of fire.
  • On the top floor, there is a skeleton in a bathtub with a toaster.


Back Street Apparel only appears in Fallout 4.

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