Back Bay is a district in Boston in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Prior to the Great War, Back Bay was known for its significant architecture.[1] Serviced by Copley Station on the Green Line, the district contained the largest repository of historical documentation in the Boston Public Library, which was frequented by Bostonians.[2] The location was also home to several skyscrapers, such as Trinity Tower, Wilson Atomatoys Corporate HQ, and the Dartmouth Professional Building.

After the bombs fell, the district was primarily taken over by raiders and super mutants.


Bordering The Fens to the west, Esplanade to the north, and Boston Common and the Theater District to the east, Back Bay contains a variety of structures, including:


Back Bay appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenesEdit

The district is based on the real-world Boston district of Back Bay. Aside from sharing the same names, the districts are located in approximately the same locations.


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