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Back Alley Bowling is an unmarked location in the Commonwealth in 2287, part of the General Atomics Galleria.


As one enters, they will be greeted by Tenpin, Split and Strike. In the back of the bowling alley, Kingpin will be by some notable loot. Leaving the room via the stairs leads to a locked terminal.

Notable loot


  • Going past the counters near the entrance will make the Mr. Handies hostile.
  • Even if one has persuaded Tenpin that they are the new Galleria supervisor, he needs to be persuaded allow the Sole Survivor to "look around," or all of the Back Alley Bowling robots will become hostile. Tenpin will tell them that their office is "in the back," but will try to kill the player character when they go there unless they've reopened the Galleria.
  • It is possible to knock down the bowling pins by using the Junk Jet and transferring a bowling ball into its inventory.
  • The pins can be knocked down by holding a bowling ball, moving forward on the aisle, then letting go or throwing.
  • During Liberty Reprimed if failing to convince Dr. Li to join the team, Scara can be found here.
  • While the safe in the back office is not flagged as owned, being seen opening it will still cause all the robots in the building to turn hostile.
  • Giving Tenpin the 5000 pre-War money he asks for will grant access to the bowling lanes.

Companion comments

  • When at this location companions make comments, which are activated at the lanes.
Location comments
Character Comment
Cait "Still smells like cigarettes and stale beer in here."
Codsworth "Fancy a game, sir/mum? Something tells me the bumpers are no longer available."
Curie "Oh, bowling!"
Danse "I wish we had a recreational facility like this back at our headquarters."
Deacon "I'd totally bowl, except I have a thing about bowling shoes. And I hurt my back. A lot."
John Hancock "Bowling. Sport of kings."
Nick Valentine "I'd offer a game, but you probably can't calibrate your arm sensitivity, now can you?"
Piper Wright "My god. They were teaching the robots to bowl? So, these were the men who doomed the world."
Preston Garvey "Bowling, huh? You know how to play?"
Robert MacCready "I've heard of this sport. You're supposed to roll a ball down these lanes and knock over those pins. Weird."
X6-88 "I've never understood this game. If the objective is to destroy the pins, why not just shoot them?"


Back Alley Bowling appears only in Fallout 4. Advertisements for Back Alley Bowling appear in Fallout 76.