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This is a transcript for dialogue with Daniel Shin.


# Dialogue Topic Form ID Player Prompt Response Text Script Notes
1 005C34C9 005C3503 Miscellaneous Idles No meat, approved. A perfectly preserved pie with every dinner... declined. And this ration request doesn't even have a name on it.
2 005C3504 Someone returned their gun to the wrong place again. Do I need to call a seminar on this?
3 005C3505 I should have had Scribe Valdez transcribe a copy of the Codex before we left. At least the entry on composure amidst chaos...
4 005C3506 Throwing nukes left and right... Do the people of Appalachia think a bomb is a plaything?
5 005C3507 I need to remind Scribe Valdez to re-tune my Power Armor.
6 005C3508 If I don't sleep tonight, I should be able to get this list done.
7 005C3509 I am a link in the Chain That Binds, and that is what keeps this order together.
8 005C350A Each day in service of the Brotherhood is a step forward.
9 005C350B Another nuke? We arrived in Appalachia not a moment too soon.
10 005C350C Raiders causing trouble again... We'll have to do something about them.
11 005C6C77 Disorder is to be expected in a place that lacked Brotherhood oversight for so long. Still, this is... (sigh)
12 005C6C78 Things would be different now if Taggerdy's unit had survived.
13 005C6C79 We should spend less time mourning Fort Defiance and more time here, where Appalachia's future will be decided.
14 005C34CA 005C350E Miscellaneous Hellos Civilians are not authorized to be in this area.
15 005C350F Civilians are to wait at the entry way.
16 005C3510 Who let this one past the security gate?
17 005C3511 Have I seen you before?
18 005C3512 I'm going to need you to wait until you're called.
19 005C3514 Ad victoriam.
20 005C3515 Please make sure to fill out your ration requests. And no, we will not be accommodating "aversion to mutated produce". All produce is mutated now.
21 005C3516 All Initiates get one authorized weapon. No more, no less.
22 005C3517 Reminder: this is the armory, not the barracks. Take your conversations outside.
23 005C3518 For your sake I hope this is a scheduled visit, Initiate.
24 005C34CB 005C3519 Miscellaneous Greetings Are you following your regimen?
25 005C351A This had better be important.
26 005C351C Did somebody direct you to me? If so, I need to have a talk with them.
27 005C351D We are at capacity for requests.
27 005C351E Your petition will need to go through the official process, just like anyone else.
28 005C351F You're not supposed to be back here.
29 005C3520 The Brotherhood of Steel has important work to do. I'm going to need you to stay out the way.
30 005C3522 Do you need something, soldier?
31 005C3523 Idle conversation is not listed in the Codex.
32 005C3524 If you're looking for advice, ask your fellow Initiates.
33 005C34CC 005C35FD Let's talk about something else. I must be a thrilling conversation partner. Nevermind all the stockpiles that still need counted up. Sarcastic
34 005C34CD 005C35F4 Another time, then. Hopefully not.
35 005C34D0 005C35FF There's more to life than duty. It sounds to me like you haven't decided your purpose in this world. I have, and it doesn't involve making friends with everyone.
36 005C34D2 005C35F6 You're right. Forgive me for getting distracted. Distraction is human. Discipline is the learned solution.
37 005C34D4 005C3500 [Charisma 8+] I work better by getting to know my leadership. I don't understand how that works, but I'll take your word for it.
38 I've been with the Brotherhood for almost 20 years. I consider my life before that irrelevant.
39 I think our mission is the only hope for humanity in the long-term. And I think that any time I don't spend on that mission is irresponsible.
40 There. Are you able to work now?
41 005C34D6 005C34F8 I have some other questions about the Brotherhood. Ask them if you must.
42 005C34D8 005C34F0 Surely there must be a way to get another transmitter? There is, and my interpretation of our orders is that acquiring it should be our number one priority.
43 Paladin Rahmani thinks otherwise. She... has re-evaluated the situation based on her own judgment. I'm following her orders.
44 005C34DA 005C34FA What happened to the original Appalachian Chapter? They are considered MIA until further investigation, last stationed at Fort Defiance.
45 We lost contact with them some time ago. At the time, Lost Hills didn't have the resources for a cross-country expedition.
46 What's important now is that we will carry on the Brotherhood mission in their place.
47 005C34DC 005C34F2 What sort of technology did you find on the way here? That information is classified.
48 005C34DE 005C34FC I'd like to talk about something else. Make it quick, please.
49 005C34E0 005C34F3 When can I become an official Brotherhood member? When you sufficiently demonstrate your effectiveness as an Initiate, and your dedication to our mission.
50 Making yourself useful instead of pestering me about your official title would be a good start.
51 005C34E2 005C34FE Why did the Brotherhood come here? The First Expeditionary Force was tasked with investigating several valued technological sites across the U.S., concluding at the ATLAS Observatory.
52 From here we would report back on the fate of the preceding Appalachian Chapter, carrying on the Brotherhood's mission in their stead if need be.
53 Or we would have done that report, if we still had a working long-distance transmitter. We have Raiders to thank for that one.
54 005C34E4 005C34F5 What is the Brotherhood's mission? To procure and preserve dangerous technologies from before the War, and defend humanity from itself.
55 Since the world went to pieces, anyone and everyone has been using what they can find in the wasteland to their own ends, unrestricted.
56 If things continue like this, humanity will never make it.
57 005C34E6 005C34F7 That's all I wanted to talk about. Ad victoriam.
58 005C34E8 005C3501 I'd like to know more about you, personally. Does this look like a social club to you? I have my duties to attend to. I would hope that you have yours.
59 005C34EA 005C34F9 What do you do here? As you can see, I'm in charge of the armory. I maintain and manage all of our equipment.
60 I keep records of our stockpiles, distribute rations, and acquire resources as needed.
61 Since we only have one Paladin here, I also lead various combat operations and support Paladin Rahmani in any ways necessary.
62 To be clear, my duties do not include human resources.
63 005C34EC 005C34F1 How can I be of service? If you're not sure what to do, then stay at your post and await orders.
64 There's a lot going on around here right now. We haven't even unpacked and there are people pressed up against our windows with petitions.
65 I've got enough to deal with without having to babysit new recruits.
66 005C34EE 005C34FB Can I ask you some things about the Brotherhood? If we had a copy of the Codex, I would point you to that. But we don't. So sure, I'll answer your questions.
67 005C4ECA 005C4EE0 Are you accepting new recruits? That is the goal, yes. But at the moment I hardly have time to give orders to all the current Initiates, let alone interview new ones.
68 I'd suggest you find another way to make yourself useful in the meantime.
69 005C6C75 005C6C76 I've been to Fort Defiance. The Brotherhood there was wiped out by Scorched. That lines up with our discoveries so far. Truly an abominable threat, the Scorched.
70 I will refrain from asking why you were snooping around a Brotherhood facility. I will warn you not to do it again.