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This is a transcript for dialogue with Leila Rahmani.


# Dialogue Topic Form ID Player Prompt Response Text Script Notes
1 005C6572 005C65BF Miscellaneous Greetings Have you come to inquire about joining the Brotherhood?
2 005C65C0 We could always use more Initiates.
3 005C65C1 The Brotherhood of Steel is here to help you.
4 005C65C2 It would be safer for you to wait in the entry way.
5 005C65C3 How can I help you, civilian?
6 005C65C5 Do you have a question about your duties?
7 005C65C6 What do you need, Initiate?
8 005C65C7 Greetings, soldier.
9 005C65C8 Have you come with more supplies?
10 005C65C9 I hope you are helping others in Appalachia.
11 005C6574 005C65A4 Thank you, though, for completing it and making sure that their efforts were not in vain.
12 005C6575 005C65B2 I think that it was a mistake to give the gold to the Raiders, however.
13 They use their currency for greed and cheap thrills instead of giving back to society.
14 005C65B3 I hope that the Settlers will use that gold wisely and do their best to keep a fair distribution of wealth.
15 I hope that the Settlers will use that gold wisely and do their best to keep a fair distribution of wealth.
16 005C6576 005C65B7 I have another question about you. I'll try my best to answer!
17 005C6578 005C65A6 Did you know anyone who was at Fort Defiance? I knew Paladin Taggerdy back when she was a Lieutenant. What happened to her and her unit was absolutely horrible.
18 The work that they did to combat the Scorched and protect their initial work on the inoculation was admirable.
19 I'm worried about the lack of testing with the inoculation, but I suppose there wasn't much of a choice. It seems to be working well enough, for now.
20 005C657A 005C65B9 What do you think about the gold? Re-establishing currency is a good first step in restoring society.
21 005C657C 005C65A8 I have another question. Sure.
22 005C657E 005C65BC What is the Brotherhood like in California? They've fully committed to the preservation of technology and the restoration of civilization.
23 Some of them are old fashioned and not as good at thinking on their feet, if you ask me. cocky
24 005C6580 005C65AB What branch of military were you in? I was in the National Guard. Helping those who are less fortunate has always been a passion of mine.
25 Being able to help protect my community was an experience I'll never forget. dreamy, longing for a different time
26 But now my mission is to protect you and the other people of Appalachia. focused back up again
27 005C6582 005C65BA Let's talk about something else. Sounds good to me! relief to no longer be talking about herself
28 005C6584 005C65A9 Why did you want to come to Appalachia? Me, personally? Well, I want to help people and Appalachia is home to quite a large amount of people!
29 Also, I wanted to pay my respects at Fort Defiance. Those soldiers deserve some remembrance for giving their lives to protect this region.
30 005C6586 005C65BD Did you know anyone who was at Fort Defiance? I'm originally from the California branch of the Brotherhood of Steel.
31 I was dispatched near MarisposaIn-game spelling before the bombs fell. I learned that some members of the US military had created an organization to help people.
32 I was also a member of the US military, joining up with the Brotherhood was a natural transition for me.
33 005C6588 005C65AC I have another question about the Brotherhood. I'd love to answer any questions that you may have.
34 005C658A 005C65A3 A new foothold? Was the Brotherhood of Steel here already? Surely you must know about the previous chapter of the Brotherhood here in Appalachia. surprised
35 Paladin Taggerdy and her unit fought bravely to their dying breath against the Scorched; they fulfilled their duty honorably.
36 005C658C 005C65B1 How do you plan on working with the Settlers and Raiders? We will do our best to keep the peace, as long as they continue to be supportive of our efforts to keep you safe.
37 I am currently developing a plan to best acclimate Appalachia to having the Brotherhood of Steel here again.
38 We are here to stay.
39 005C658E 005C65B5 Which technology are you interested in? Sorry, civilian. That information is classified.

40 005C65B6 What technology should we focus on first? As you know, the technology discovered underneath Atlas is a promising development.
41 A power source like that will help us extend our reach beyond just the confines of Appalachia.
42 005C6590 005C65A5 I want to ask about something else. Sure, what would you like to talk about?
43 005C6592 005C65B8 Can I join the Brotherhood? I'm glad that you are inspired by our mission! In order to fully accomplish our goals and establish a foothold here in Appalachia, we need to build up our ranks.
44 If you're interested in recruitment, you can speak with my second, Knight Shin.
45 005C6594 005C65A7 What made you want to join the Brotherhood? My mission in life is to help others and restore order to the world. confident
46 The Brotherhood of Steel is aligned with those goals, in addition to the preservation of technology. I will be on the forefront of rebuilding society. emphasis on "will"
47 005C6596 005C65BB What is the Brotherhood doing in Appalachia? First and foremost, our mission is to restore society and preserve any technology that will assist us in that goal.
48 We will be establishing a new foothold here and aiding the people of Appalachia.
49 005C6598 005C65AA Well...who is the Brotherhood? The Brotherhood of Steel are your saviors, civilian. We are the guardians of human civilization.
50 We bring order to the world, something that is desperately needed in these trying times.
51 005C659A 005C65A2 I have to go. Stay safe.
52 005C659C 005C65AD Tell me more about you. I suppose I can set aside a quick moment to chat.

53 005C65AE I'd like to get to know you better. Social conversations with a superior officer are not appropriate, soldier.
54 I won't tell if you won't. cheeky
55 005C659E 005C65B4 What is your role? As the Paladin, I am the commander of this unit and I'm here to establish a foothold for the Brotherhood of Steel.
56 It is important that we restore society, and the steps that you have already made here in Appalachia are admirable.
57 However, without the power of the Brotherhood, you will be unable to prevail. I am eager to lend that power.
58 005C65A0 005C65AF Can you tell me more about the Brotherhood? Absolutely! We are here to help in any way that we can, civilian.

59 005C65B0 What more can you tell me about the Brotherhood? If you have any additional questions about your duties, Knight Shin is available to answer questions for new recruits.