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For an overview of BB gun variants, see BB gun.


The BB gun or Raider BB rifle is a low-powered gun in Fallout: New Vegas.


BB gun expanded

As a pneumatically-powered airgun, primarily used for small game hunting or recreational target practice, the BB gun is with a base damage of only 4 the weakest gun in the game, even when boosted with the Cowboy perk. Thus it is largely useless against anything larger than a Radroach or Bloatfly. But then again, it is considered a silenced weapon.


The BB gun can fire a total of about 245 BBs, the equivalent of 2.5 reloads, from full condition before breaking.


Perk wild wasteland.pngThe following is based on the Wild Wasteland trait.
  • With the Wild Wasteland trait, the Abilene Kid gun will instead be located inside a well that appears in front of the shack. The well appears after talking to Rex upon him saying "aroo" and asking him if someone fell down a well. Doing this will cause the Courier to receive a map marker denoting the location of Jimmy's well.
Perk wild wasteland.pngEnd of information based on the Wild Wasteland trait.


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BB gun 4
Abilene Kid LE BB gun 4



It will still ignite flammable fumes, such as the ones inside the biodiesel refinery.