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B-263 is a deceased courser in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "Noir Penthouse."


B-263 was an Institute courser who presented himself as a detective, giving himself cover for his activities. He operated out of an Institute safehouse in the Hub 360 building. According to his mission log, he had completed several assignments: B-263 bribed some farmers with a bottle of pre-War whiskey to get the trade routes of R3-04, who had been acting as a provisioner to stay on the move. The other synth surrendered rather than face death.

He apprehended J9-04, who had been hiding in plain sight as a merchant in Diamond City, by convincing residents that "Harold" was a thief who had been stealing from farmers and reselling their goods. He had helped the residents, and had the backing of Mayor McDonough, so his word was trusted, even when his quarry identified him as a synth.

The Railroad agent known as "Brimstone" hired B-263 to find her long lost mother, initially unaware of his true nature. She eventually realized what he was and he was forced to kill her to protect his cover, but not before getting the names of several Railroad agents from her.

He discovered that two of his targets - R3-11, also known as "Burner" and PR-15, also known as "Captain Carol Janssen" had been meeting at the Fairline Hill Estates. He was confused by this, as both had been reprogrammed by the Railroad and had no reason to meet. He speculated that they may be recovering their memories. He confronted them at the estates but was killed and the pair escaped.

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B-263 appears only in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "Noir Penthouse."